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blog 213 How to find out the keywords of someone else's site

In order to effectively promote the site, it is necessary to collect semantics, it is not easy, but absolutely necessary.

blog 209 Google dispelled the SEO myth about site speed
 IT news  

In fact, in another meeting with webmasters, the constant expert Martin Splitt explained why it is necessary to take a closer look.

blog 205 The transition to mobile-first indexing has been postponed
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The dynamics and richness of life is constantly growing. Now the appointment of meetings, the execution of agreements...

blog 203 What affects the ranking in the e-commerce sphere
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One of the strongest companies on the market of IT technologies in the field of complex Internet marketing and website promotion.

blog 210 Yandex has become more accessible to partners
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Important announcement: Yandex has canceled paper tickets. We declare with full responsibility: all unnecessary forwarding by regular mail.

blog 206 Search Console changes rules for "news"
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Convenient, and most importantly, free service for checking site indexing and adding information from Google has finally made changes to the rules.

blog 204 Advantages and disadvantages of cloud hosting

When deciding whether you need cloud hosting or regular hosting, you need to understand what Hosting and Server are.

blog 211 How to create your success or content plan for beginners

Promotion of your own resource begins with simple steps: high-quality self-promotion and sincerity.

blog 208 Buying through Google has become more attractive
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The world crisis and the shaky economy forces the Giants to meet their customers and partners.

blog 207 Learn to create a podcast with Google
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In its press release, the Corporation announced the start of recruitment for a free course for authors of audio and video Internet content

blog 201 Sistrix click rate
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One of the most important factors in evaluating the effectiveness of a site is CTR.