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blog 544 The Weirdest Computer Games of All Time

A crazy goat, traveling baker, a surreal 3D environment – these are just a few examples from our selection of the strangest games.

blog 541 March 31 — Backup Day. Why it's important not to forget about backups and how to make a backup of your website (instructions)

On the eve of Backup Day, we talk about the features of backups, strategies and the best ways to create backup copies of a website.

blog 538 Our Users' Stories: How Alexander Grechanyi and His Family Create SEO Fairy Tales and Invent Plots Using Brainstorming

Among several websites created by the Grechanyi family, the most unexpectedly successful project was a fairy tale website.

blog 535 Scammers on Facebook – How to Protect Your Business Page from Theft

Losing your business page on Facebook can cause serious damage to lead to personal data leaks. How to prevent the theft of a business page?

blog 543 Thank You Page on the Website: How and Why to Design It

Sell more, build a loyal community, and show your love for customers with a thank you page.

blog 540 How to Independently Create a Website with Online Courses Using a CMS

Information on choosing CMS and LMS for an educational platform, and step-by-step guide on creating a website for selling online courses!

blog 537 How to Attract More Comments to Your Blog

Blog comments are a great way to improve the SEO of a website and create a loyal community of users. How can this be done? Read in the article.

blog 534 Stories of Our Users: How the Charity Fund '99 PROBLEMS' Helps People with Multiple Sclerosis

In our new article, you will learn about the 99 PROBLEMS foundation and its support for people with multiple sclerosis

blog 542 Artificial Intelligence — Friend, Lover, Psychologist

Artificial intelligence is becoming not only a working tool but also a partner or friend. What are the advantages and dangers of companion apps?

blog 539 Google updates in March 2024 – the search engine rolls out a global update

The latest Google updates will significantly impact search results. Read the article to find out what actions can now be considered manipulative.

blog 536 Stories of our users: how Kharkiv resident Nina Abramova creates websites and helps women find their vocation

First job in copywriting, WordPress websites, and creating a women's support project – we tell the story of Kharkiv resident Nina Abramova.

blog 533 SEO on a shoestring – what a website owner can do on their own for site promotion without hiring specialists

SEO is a lengthy and complex process that requires the involvement of specialists. However, improvements can be made on website independently.