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blog 278 Smart search engine for online sales
 IT news  

A search that can analyze queries will help make shopping on the Internet pleasant and easy.

blog 275 YouTube pleased Google with good revenue
 IT news  

The parent company waited for "Thanks". YouTube pleased Google with good revenue.

blog 273 What clients are saying about SEO in 2020
 IT news  

Event "SEO through the eyes of customers" in 2020 was held in difficult quarantine conditions.

blog 271 Quick answers from Google are supplemented with highlighted descriptions
 IT news  

It was recently noted that Google added short description popups to quick answers.

blog 279 myTarget stated: The product feed is powered by external sources
 IT news  

There was a real breakthrough in targeting. Now the ads for "put in the cart" are not only targeted, but also expanded.

blog 276 Google is experimenting: automatically converting a web page into a video
 IT news  

The parent company waited for "Thanks". YouTube pleased Google with good revenue.

blog 274 The Google search engine released the movie
 IT news  

Often, a user who googles a topic remains dissatisfied with the result. But this does not mean that this material is not available online.

blog 269 Tips from Google: preparing the landing page for sales
 IT news  

Retailers are ready for Cyber Monday and Black Friday thanks to Google's support.

blog 277 The resounding fiasco of WordPress
 IT news  

He who does nothing is not wrong. So the WordPress team made mistakes in the update...

blog 272 Slow reaction: Trump's twitter is hacked again
 IT news  

Hacker Viktor Gevers, known for his principles and high ethics, reported to the US Security Service...

blog 270 Google Ads tracks errors
 IT news  

In order to improve advertising techniques, Google began work on improving the system.

blog 267 The new zen for widgets
 IT news  

Zen.Yandex has made several adjustments to its algorithm that make it easier for bloggers who use widgets.