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blog 49 The main differences between 301 and 302 redirects

The difference between 301 and 302 redirects. What is a 301 redirect and how does it differ from a 302.

blog 45 What is site usability

What is site usability. Hosting provider CityHost offers to learn how usability affects the ranking and users of the company's website, why you should care about usability.

blog 42 Impact of site speed

Checking site speed using Google tools. How site speed affects ranking, what ways to speed up a site exist.

blog 39 What are site backlinks?

Checking the outgoing links on the site - how to search for external links. We suggest you learn how to search for source links.

blog 48 How many links can be on a site page

What is the optimal number of links on a website page? What is the maximum number of external links that can be on one page

blog 44 About site adaptability and its impact

Why website responsiveness is so important for promotion. CityHost offers to find out what site adaptability is, how site adaptability affects site positions

blog 41 The impact of circular links

Never heard of circular links? Follow the link and learn what circular links are, how to remove circular links.

blog 36 What is an xml sitemap

What is a sitemap and how does it affect the site. What is the purpose of xml sitemap. For more information, visit the hosting provider CityHost. Go ahead and find out what the xml map should be

blog 47 How the design of the site affects its promotion

Does the design of the site affect its promotion in the TOP of the issue? What factors affect the design of the site and why you should care not only about usability.

blog 43 Validation of the site

What is site validation? Go to the CityHost blog and learn how to check the validity of the site, why validation is important for the promotion of the site.

blog 40 Why are there breadcrumbs on the website?

Why do you need a navigation chain on the site? What are bread crumbs and how to use them in resource optimization. Read more on the CityHost blog in the article about breadcrumbs

blog 37 What is a site favicon and how to install it

Do you need a site favicon? The hosting provider CityHost offers to find out what a favicon is, what the correct favicon of a site should be and the obligation