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blog 24 What is site backup?

What is a website backup and how to do it yourself

blog 21 What is robots.txt | How to configure robots.txt for WordPress

Why do you need a robots.txt file, how to create and configure it, as well as check for errors

blog 18 What are keywords and how to choose them

How to choose the right keywords \ phrases for your site. What tools exist for this.

blog 13 What is HTTPS?

What is the https protocol, is it necessary to transfer the site from normal http to https. What is the difference between these protocols.

blog 23 What are meta tags?

Why do you need meta tags, how to make them correctly, optimization and tools

blog 20 How to find out the owner of the domain

Ways to find out who owns the domain name of the site, information about the owner, as well as the terms of domain registration

blog 17 How to choose a domain for your site

Basic principles selection name site, which domain zone select and what types domains are there.

blog 12 What is a CMS and what types of CMS for sites are there

What CMS are, how they work and how to choose the right management system for your type of site.

blog 22 How to install WordPress on hosting

Step-by-step guide to installing Wordpress using the auto-installer and via FTP

blog 19 What is a 403 site error?

Causes of the 403 Forbidden Error error. Ways and methods of its elimination.

blog 16 What is a 504 error

What does the 504 gateway timeout error code on the site mean and why does it appear. Ways to independently eliminate the error.