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Interesting facts about IT

blog 544 The Weirdest Computer Games of All Time

A crazy goat, traveling baker, a surreal 3D environment – these are just a few examples from our selection of the strangest games.

blog 515 Debunking Myths About Hosting Providers

There are myths surrounding hosting and server operation that confuse users and complicate their lives. Let's debunk them!

blog 460 Stellarium 1.0 virtual planetarium is a digital version of the universe

The virtual planetarium is a unique project that has been under development for 20 years. It will help users study the starry sky without leaving home.

blog 457 How many servers in Wikipedia and other interesting facts about the world's largest dictionary

Wikipedia knows everything about everything. And what do we know about her? Read interesting facts about the largest encyclopedia in human history.

blog 520 IT Specialist Calendar — Holidays and Important Dates in the IT Industry

Want to quickly find an important date from the IT industry? Our team has created an IT specialist calendar with key events in history.

blog 509 The Triumph and Threats Of Artificial Intelligence — How Neural Networks Affect Our Lives and How It Is Regulated By Law

This article about accomplishments and blunders of artificial intelligence, along with the legal frameworks governing AI in various nations.

blog 459 TOP-12 most famous Ukrainian cyberattacks on Russian sites

The Ukrainian IT-army masterfully spoils the nerves of the occupiers in the Internet space. We have collected for you a digest — the loudest cyber attacks on Russian websites.

blog 451 Interesting facts about national domains of the countries of the world

Did you know that the domains .tv and .bar actually belong to the country of Tuvalu and the city of Bar? Unexpected facts about national zones - in this article.

blog 517 Sniffer, Scammer, Fraud, and Other «Tech Slang» – Brief Glossary for Beginner IT Specialists

Unlock IT jargon! Learn IP, uptime, reboot, cool hacker, and more. A quick guide for beginner IT pros. Speak the language of tech seamlessly.

blog 501 Hosting provider, Internet provider and mobile provider - what they do and how not to confuse them

There are different providers and they provide different services. The Internet, hosting and mobile communications are the three whales that hold the information world together.

blog 458 How to draw in Midjourney: A neural network draws images based on text requests

Midjourney's artificial intelligence creates images based on text requests from users. We tell you how to register and start using it.

blog 450 The history of the development of digital media — from punch cards to cloud storage

Information carriers have come a long way from punch cards to modern solid-state drives and cloud storage. Learn their story.

Internet technologies appeared in the second half of the 20th century and are quite young, but already saturated with many interesting events and facts. Learning about the development of devices, protocols and programming languages, unusual and bizarre twists of history, names of inventors and other interesting facts is not just reading for fun. These articles help to better understand the philosophy of computer technologies and to see them not only in the process of work here and now, but also to integrate them into the general picture of the development of humanity.

There is no doubt that the digital breakthrough has significantly changed civilization, affecting all of us collectively and individually.

Here we talk about non-trivial facts, look at the IT industry from a different point of view and try to make immersion in technology brighter and more unusual for our readers.

Also, in this section, you will find descriptions of interesting services that simultaneously help you learn, get new information, and spend your free time interestingly.