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blog 202 Google refutes the myths of SEO-optimizers about the crawling budget
 IT news  

Martin Splitt, an employee of the corporation, revealed the secret of horrors about the budgeting of SEO programs in an interview with Alexis Sanders.

blog 197 Ok Google has become clearer and closer to people
 IT news  

Entering queries has become easier, one of the most powerful search and user support systems, Google, announced this.

blog 195 Creative Swirl for everyone - a statement from Google
 IT news  

In a recent press release, the Corporation pleased its users and advertisers with news.

blog 193 The Vkontakte social network showed loyalty to bloggers
 IT news  

Let's remember what the VKontakte social network is. It is practically the same as Facebook.

blog 199 New features from Google and beta testing of Google ADS
 IT news  

Google has launched a program that allows you to place 3D objects in Google ads (paid advertisements).

blog 198 Video course from myTarget
 IT news  

MyTarget, one of the most famous companies in the market for the promotion of targeted advertising, has launched a series of free webinars

blog 194 Challenge 2020: to become TOP among SEO trends
 IT news  

To be the best in one's field is a normal desire of any specialist.

blog 191 Advertisers began boycotting Facebook
 IT news  

According to Reuters, more than 400 well-known companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Mozilla, Verizon.

blog 200 The Wall Street Journal reported that YouTube is in Google's favorites
 IT news  

It seems that all the necessary video information is stored exclusively on YouTube.

blog 196 You Toube encourages advertisers: place in short videos as well
 IT news  

Until July 2020, the channel had a video length limit of 10 minutes, in the middle of which you could place your ad, starting at the end of the 8th month.

blog 192 Google explained how spam reports are useful
 IT news  

Spam affects search results: speed and efficiency. The Google team is constantly working on this issue.

blog 190 Lasso could not stand the competition from TikTok

A year and a half ago, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, had ambitious plans to domesticate TikTok, which is popular among young people.