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One of the most important factors in evaluating the site's effectiveness is CTR - the ratio of clicks on an ad compared to the number of its impressions. Sistrix tested about 80 million keywords to evaluate user interaction with the search engine results page (SERP). Analysis of clickability indicates a significant gap between the first Google query and others.

The first position in the letter has a CTR of 28.5%, while the second is almost twice as low - 15.7%, and further the numbers decrease rapidly. Thus, the clickability of the tenth position barely exceeds 2%. CTR parameters strongly depend on the type of output and the layout of the search page, which affects the user's attention. If a search result is located close to visually appealing objects, it gets more clicks. Additional links increase interest in the site. But the selected snippets have a negative effect on this indicator.

Reference information placed on the knowledge panel reduces the percentage of clicks almost in half. This is explained by the fact that the visitor, having received a short answer to his question, no longer needs detailed information.

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Paid Google Ads ads also have a significant impact on the click-through rate. All the necessary information is placed in a short text, so the user does not need to fall inside.

It should be noted the low popularity of the results that were behind the "bend line". The study says that only 5% of visitors scrolled down the list of results, and only 2% went to the second page. And in conclusion, we note that the researchers came to the conclusion: the first three positions receive about 60% of clicks.

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