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Challenge 2020: to become TOP among SEO trends


To be the best in one's field is a normal desire of any specialist. SEO managers are a clear confirmation of that, because this direction is one of the most ambitious among modern professions. To do this, you need to constantly improve yourself and attend various specialized events. One of the brightest events of 2019 was the Optimization conference, which gathered experts in the field of website creation and management, internet projects, search engine optimization and internet marketing.

The main topics of the Conference were various cases for SEO specialists and businesses of various formats, discussion of expert opinion on search engine technologies, familiarization with methods of customer attraction, new approaches in performance advertising.

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The "highlight of the program" of the last event was the speech of technical SEO expert Cyrus Shepard, founder of the Zippy agency. By the way, his presence was ensured by the voting of participants in Telegram channels. Cyrus made a report about the main five trends of search marketing. He revealed several secrets of the super popularity of the Google search engine and what changes are currently taking place.

Trend number one: zero click

Previously, there was a kind of agreement between webmasters and Google: sites were popularized by Google, and the search engine gave a link to the site. But lately it seems that the agreement has been broken. Nowadays, many searches do not end with a click, since the search engine does not give traffic to the site.

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The next point is the regulators

Eight years ago, the United States Federal Trade Commission launched an investigation against Google. The claim was to monopolize visitors' requests. The fact is that the service provides a transition to the pages of its own partners. The reopening of the investigation could result in Google being broken up into many small providers if it does not make other sites more accessible and disclose how its "visitor-baiting" algorithm works.

A new approach to ranking

At the end of last year, there were drastic changes in the approach to site evaluation. Now the main factor of popularity will not be the number of visits, but the scientific value of the content. If before some charlatan's site was ranked high because people came to look at bright pictures, now such a site will not be in the top if it does not contain really useful information. Google does not determine the level of scientific importance itself, but turns to expert partners.

"Low-quality" sites are sanctioned. For example, sites from the "Wallet or Life" series, which manipulate feelings in order to present their product to a gullible customer. Sites with unreliable information also receive a low rating. But if the site receives positive reviews and ratings from visitors who are satisfied with the result, the rating increases.

Commercial links . Recently, the emphasis is increasingly on paid advertising. But that doesn't mean Google condones fraud. It's about buying links to boost your rankings. This suggests that it is better to issue a paid advertisement than to try to bypass the system.

Micro markings . In connection with the latest changes in the system, a site that is not in the first places will receive less traffic even if there are keywords on it. Cyrus advised placing the page on the platform in its entirety and using micro markups, taking into account the importance of metrics.

What conclusions can be drawn from the speech?

First: change the approach to ranking, fast traffic is no longer an indicator. When evaluating the rating, take into account "gray cardinals": articles and materials that can unobtrusively promote the site and raise it up in the search engine. Monetization of search engines is becoming more global, free traffic is becoming less and less. Increase the authority of the platform. Promote brands not only online, but also live: events, promotions and advertising on all possible channels. Conduct serious marketing research, to understand the "persona of your customer", find your niche and a way to answer the customer's "pain" better than your competitors do.

Mobile gadgets : Consider the factor of increasing their popularity. Emphasis is gradually shifting from stationary desktops to smartphones.

Competence : emphasize professionalism. Avoid low-quality and unverified content, this will allow you to maintain a high rating. According to the results of the conference, reports have already been prepared and leading webmasters use the speaker's advice to the full.

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