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blog 404 TOP-3 CMS for creating an online store

Have you decided to create an online store yourself using a CMS? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of the most popular engines.

blog 401 Overview of popular Instagram account analytics services

Why do you need services for working with bloggers and which one to choose? We consider the features of the functionality of trendHERO, GetBlogger and LiveDune.

blog 398 How to adapt a site for people with visual impairments

People with visual impairments actively use the Internet. How to adapt the design and layout of the site to make their work more comfortable?

blog 394 Phishing — how not to fall for the tricks of fraudsters and recognize a fake site

Phishing is a type of fraud on the Internet. How to recognize a fake site and not become a victim of fraudsters?

blog 403 What is a DDoS attack and how to protect your site/server

DDoS attacks: how to fight the zombie army and why hackers attack sites.

blog 400 TOP-3 CMS for creating a blog

The easiest way to implement a blog is CMS. The best for this purpose are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, which we will talk about in the article.

blog 397 Website creation contract - how to protect yourself during development

The contract protects both parties from illegal actions and helps to properly build the cooperation process. How to draw up a contract correctly?

blog 393 Millions of sites stopped working because of Lets Encrypt, what to do?
 IT news  

Lets Encrypt root certificate has stopped working. Why did this happen and how to restore access to the sites?

blog 402 What is an SSL certificate, why do you need one and how to choose one

An SSL certificate guarantees the security of site user data. How does the security certificate work, where to get it and how much does it cost?

blog 399 UA-DRP - how to defend your right to a domain

What to do if cybersquatters have taken over your brand name domain? The UA-DRP procedure can be an alternative to the classic court.

blog 396 Viruses on the website - how to find them and protect yourself from infection

Why were viruses invented, what are they and how to protect your site from malicious software. Tips for fighting viruses on the web.

blog 392 What is domaining and cybersquatting

Domaining and cybersquatting — how to make money on domains online and how to fight cybersquatters for business owners.