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blog 515 Debunking Myths About Hosting Providers

There are myths surrounding hosting and server operation that confuse users and complicate their lives. Let's debunk them!

blog 512 SEO Optimization of Images: How to Optimize Images on Your Site

This article provides insights into optimizing images for your website, covering basic methods and common pitfalls.

blog 509 The Triumph and Threats Of Artificial Intelligence — How Neural Networks Affect Our Lives and How It Is Regulated By Law

This article about accomplishments and blunders of artificial intelligence, along with the legal frameworks governing AI in various nations.

blog 506 How to hide a site during development from indexing search engines and from users

Are you developing a website directly on hosting? Then you need to know how to hide it from prying eyes and bots - and here is a list of methods that work.

blog 514 Top 10 Ukrainian IT Podcasts for Beginners and Professionals in the Digital Industry

A selection of interesting IT podcasts to help you learn, develop, and master a new profession. Listen and come to interviews more confidently.

blog 511 Multilinks: Understanding Them and How to Create Them Using Services

Curious about consolidating your social and website links? Multilinks create neat landing pages for all your important links!

blog 508 What are nofollow and dofollow links and why both types are needed for SEO promotion of the site

Creating a link building strategy and deciding if you need nofollow? Read the article to learn about their impact on site ranking

blog 505 Register correct Ukrainian domains and connect them to the website without losing traffic

A step-by-step guide to registering the right mirror domain name and connecting it to your site without losing traffic

blog 513 Crafting Article Headings for Improved SEO and Readability — Technical and Stylistic Tips

Headings and subheadings play a vital role in structuring articles. Learn how to create headings that boost SEO and captivate your readers.

blog 510 Non-obvious Features in Google Docs: A User's Guide

Google Docs offers a multitude of tools, yet many users are unaware of most of these options. Let's explore some interesting functions.

blog 507 How to verify a user on the site: calls, SMS, e-mail

If your site has personal accounts for users, it is important to find a reliable method of verification to keep their data safe.

blog 504 Who is a system administrator and how to become one

A system administrator is a specialist without whom it is difficult to imagine IT. We talk about the intricacies of the profession, how much a sysadmin earns and how to become one.