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blog 247 Get more traffic with free tools from Ahrefs
 IT news  

To get good traffic and a high ranking, you need to be a pro.

blog 242 Yandex is strengthening sanctions against tampering with the behavioral factor
 IT news  

A high site rating is a business success. The ranking largely depends on the behavioral factor.

blog 241 Where WordPress stores pages

When creating your web platform, you are faced with the need to manage the resource yourself.

blog 237 Web analytics: purpose and features

If you do not use web analytics, then the site is promoted blindly. Analytics helps to learn everything about the site that is being promoted and its users.

blog 244 myTarget has launched a link storefront
 IT news  

There have been some nice changes on the platform for placing targeted advertising: a separate storefront has been opened for direct deals.

blog 243 The impact of the expanded result affects the number of clicks

Experts from one of the world's leading companies, Milestone Research, conducted an analysis of requests in order to find out...

blog 238 How to know a WordPress template

The success of a business enterprise depends on many factors, one of which is the appearance of the site: its attractiveness...

blog 236 How to choose the right web studio

Recently, creating your own website has become a mandatory step in the development of every company.

blog 245 Google rewrites Description in 70% of cases
 IT news  

To properly promote the site, you need to fill in the Description meta tag properly.

blog 240 How to remove WordPress sidebar

Let's start with the basics. Sidebar is an auxiliary panel placed on the side, usually on the right side.

blog 239 How to remove the inscription "site works on wordpress"

Many people use convenient and affordable Wordpress to create their web platform.

blog 235 Top 5 best site builders in 2022

How can you create a site? In the past, the answer was to hire a professional web designer to design your website.