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blog 434 How to switch to electronic document management in Ukraine

Electronic document management is a fast and reliable way to sign business documents. We share with you an overview of the best EDO services in Ukraine.

blog 431 How to protect your Cityhost account in times of information instability

Powerful hacker attacks on services and websites are now taking place all over Ukraine. How to protect your hosting account from intruders?

blog 427 Freedom is more valuable than money - which Ukrainian IT companies refuse to cooperate with Russians

Ukrainian IT companies massively refuse to cooperate with Russians, despite the losses. We have prepared a list of such services for you.

blog 424 We are abandoning the Russian direction: how to reorient business to the West

After the beginning of the invasion, the exit of Ukrainian businesses from the Russian market began. What are the necessary steps to reorient to the west?

blog 433 Top 6 best site builders in 2022

You no longer need to be a programmer to run your own website. We suggest considering the most popular site builders in 2022.

blog 429 Upwork Clients - The Road from 0 to 50K

Do you dream of starting to work on Upwork and quickly reach a decent salary level? We have prepared for you an article based on the Collaborator webinar.

blog 426 Overview of foreign freelance exchanges: Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr

If you are a freelancer looking for new opportunities to work abroad, we have prepared for you an overview of the three most popular Western freelance exchanges.

blog 423 SPAM: why emails end up there and how to avoid it

How to write and send letters correctly so that they end up in the "Inbox" and not be marked as SPAM? We analyze the intricacies of the work of spam filters.

blog 432 How to increase domain authority: check and improve your DA score

What is domain authority and how does it affect SEO? Our friends at share some actionable tips on how to test and increase your DA.

blog 428 TOP-4 online chats for the site: LiveChat, HelpCrunch,, KwizBot

Online chat is an important tool for attracting new customers to business products. We are talking about services for Ukraine that have live chat.

blog 425 Save Ukrainian business: programs to support entrepreneurs in wartime

In times of war, work is difficult and sometimes impossible. The state is doing everything to support Ukrainian business and survive on the economic front.

blog 422 Price aggregators - how to increase sales at the expense of others

Do you have an online store and want to increase the flow of customers? Read in the article how it can be done with the help of price aggregators.