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blog 462 How do data centers work "without electricity" and in conditions of constant shelling of the energy system of Ukraine

The stable operation of our services depends on the power supply of the equipment in the data centers. We learned how DCs solve the problem of turning off the light.

blog 430 Free online training for Ukrainians during the war

Wanting to help Ukrainians who have lost their jobs, many online educational platforms have made their courses and webinars free.

blog 458 How to draw in Midjourney: A neural network draws images based on text requests

Midjourney's artificial intelligence creates images based on text requests from users. We tell you how to register and start using it.

blog 455 Drop domains: how to buy a domain with a good history and why you need it

Did you know that it is easier to promote a site on a domain with a history? We check and buy a drop domain - step-by-step instructions and an overview of useful services.

blog 461 Top 10 Ukrainian YouTube channels about IT

Are there many Ukrainian-language channels about IT technologies on YouTube? We have compiled for you a review of the TOP 10 most interesting blogs dedicated to the industry.

blog 459 TOP-12 most famous Ukrainian cyberattacks on Russian sites

The Ukrainian IT-army masterfully spoils the nerves of the occupiers in the Internet space. We have collected for you a digest — the loudest cyber attacks on Russian websites.

blog 457 How many servers in Wikipedia and other interesting facts about the world's largest dictionary

Wikipedia knows everything about everything. And what do we know about her? Read interesting facts about the largest encyclopedia in human history.

blog 454 From "thank you" to $2 million - how much you can earn on bug-bounty

How to find an error on the website and make money on it? We review bug-bounty programs that offer rewards for finding vulnerabilities.

blog 460 Stellarium 1.0 virtual planetarium is a digital version of the universe

The virtual planetarium is a unique project that has been under development for 20 years. It will help users study the starry sky without leaving home.

blog 127 How to create a business page on Facebook

Business page on Facebook - how to register and configure it. Instructions that will help you to correctly issue an effective business account.

blog 456 Drives on the server — HDD or SSD, NVMe or SATA? What do these terms mean and which one to choose when renting a server

When choosing a server for rent, the client can get confused - what does HDD, SSD and other names mean? We talk about the main types of information storage.

blog 453 How the age of the site affects the promotion in Google

How long does it take for Google to index a site? Can a young site get to the top right away? Long to wait? We answer the questions in the article.