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blog 64 Principles of weight distribution of site pages

Internal linking of the site is one of the important aspects for the successful promotion of the project.

blog 62 What is a site mirror and how to set it up correctly

What is mirror site and how its use in optimization sites.

blog 58 Disadvantages and advantages of the Cyrillic domain

Domain registration in Cyrillic has been practiced for a long time, but are there any disadvantages of such a domain name?

blog 56 What is site pagination and how to set it up

Competent pagination of the site and what is pagination in general.

blog 63 How to correctly transfer a site to another domain

How competently transfer site with one domain on other without loss traffic and positions in search output.

blog 59 What is an ssl certificate

What is SSL certificate, how his get and for what she is needed. All details about SSL certificate in blogs CityHost.

blog 57 Features of optimization of a multilingual site

Optimization of a multilingual site. What problems and features are encountered when optimizing a multilingual site.

blog 54 How to make a url correctly

What should be the correct / optimized URL of the site page.

blog 61 We configure the site map of the site images

One of the most important elements of a website is its sitemap. Often two – for pages and for pictures.

blog 60 How to move the site to https without losing traffic

How to transfer a site from http to https quickly, simply, without losing traffic.

blog 55 Rules for composing title and alt pictures

About the title attribute and alt attributes. CityHost offers to learn how to optimize the image of the site.

blog 53 The influence of the level of attachment on promotion

What should be the nesting level of the page and what it is.