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Technical issues

blog 506 How to hide a site during development from indexing search engines and from users

Are you developing a website directly on hosting? Then you need to know how to hide it from prying eyes and bots - and here is a list of methods that work.

blog 503 technical support — how it works

Technical support is the face of business, because it is after communication with its specialists that clients get an impression of the service's operation.

blog 492 VDS for accounting

VPS is an effective tool for working with accounting. We tell you how to choose a server for accounting and what to pay attention to.

blog 488 How is a VPN different from a proxy server?

A VPN and a proxy server have similar purposes, but they differ in many ways. What is the difference and which service do you need?

blog 505 Kyiv is not Kiev: register the correct domain of the capital for UAH 99 and connect to the site

A step-by-step guide to registering the right mirror domain name and connecting it to your site without losing traffic

blog 501 Hosting provider, Internet provider and mobile provider - what they do and how not to confuse them

There are different providers and they provide different services. The Internet, hosting and mobile communications are the three whales that hold the information world together.

blog 491 How to start a video surveillance system on the server

A dedicated server can be used for many purposes, and among them is the organization of video surveillance in an enterprise or store.

blog 483 Server health monitoring, backup and data security - what hosting customers need to know

What do you need to know if you rent a server? Read tips from our technical support on proper server operation.

blog 504 Who is a system administrator and how to become one

A system administrator is a specialist without whom it is difficult to imagine IT. We talk about the intricacies of the profession, how much a sysadmin earns and how to become one.

blog 498 How to choose a VPS server for a site: optimal parameters and instructions for hosting a web resource

A VPS server is the best option for resource-intensive sites. What parameters to choose and how to upload files to the server - read in the article.

blog 489 What is the domain life cycle?

Domains have a cycle they go through if they don't pay for the service. At the final stage, the domain is removed and again released for free sale.

blog 479 Domain DNS record types: NS, A, AAAA, CNAME, TXT, ALIAS, SRV

When working with domains, you sometimes have to interact with such a concept as DNS records. We tell you why they are needed and how to create them.