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blog 40 Why are there breadcrumbs on the website?

Why do you need a navigation chain on the site? What are bread crumbs and how to use them in resource optimization. Read more on the CityHost blog in the article about breadcrumbs

blog 37 What is a site favicon and how to install it

Do you need a site favicon? The hosting provider CityHost offers to find out what a favicon is, what the correct favicon of a site should be and the obligation

blog 34 What are duplicate site pages?

What are duplicate site pages and their impact on site promotion. Do you have your own website? Do you want to see him in the TOP? Learn what duplicate pages are and why you should be wary of them.

blog 31 What is description

How to write the correct description? Go to the link and find out what description is, why it is needed, how description affects ranking, what requirements must be met

blog 39 What are site backlinks?

Checking the outgoing links on the site - how to search for external links. We suggest you learn how to search for source links.

blog 35 How to remove duplicate website pages

Removing duplicate pages on a site without magic is easy if you follow CityHost's recommendations. Learn how to find duplicate pages, what to do with duplicates, and how to get rid of them.

blog 32 How to create a site structure

The correct structure of the site is the key to the success of the project. What does the correct structure of the site look like, what should be considered when forming the structure. Read more on the CityHost blog

blog 29 A variety of templates for sites

Templates for sites are very different. Hosting provider CityHost offers a variety of site templates.

blog 36 What is an xml sitemap

What is a sitemap and how does it affect the site. What is the purpose of xml sitemap. For more information, visit the hosting provider CityHost. Go ahead and find out what the xml map should be

blog 33 What is site linking

How to make a competent site link. Follow the link and find out what internal linking is, how it affects ranking and why you should do it.

blog 30 How to correctly write the Title page

What is Title and what its purpose ? About more details in < span title="">blogs hosting-provider CityHost. Learn, what is Title, how correctly write Title,< /span> requirements to Title

blog 28 What sites are created on WordPress

A list of site types for which the Wordpress engine is ideal and which plugins you should use for each type.