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blog 541 March 31 — Backup Day. Why it's important not to forget about backups and how to make a backup of your website (instructions)

On the eve of Backup Day, we talk about the features of backups, strategies and the best ways to create backup copies of a website.

blog 507 How to verify a user on the site: calls, SMS, e-mail

If your site has personal accounts for users, it is important to find a reliable method of verification to keep their data safe.

blog 491 How to start a video surveillance system on the server

A dedicated server can be used for many purposes, and among them is the organization of video surveillance in an enterprise or store.

blog 448 TOP-11 advantages of domain registrar and hosting provider Cityhost

In this article, we have collected all our advantages for you — from the technical intricacies of working with the platform to customer support and the social component.

blog 535 Scammers on Facebook – How to Protect Your Business Page from Theft

Losing your business page on Facebook can cause serious damage to lead to personal data leaks. How to prevent the theft of a business page?

blog 503 technical support — how it works

Technical support is the face of business, because it is after communication with its specialists that clients get an impression of the service's operation.

blog 483 Server health monitoring, backup and data security - what hosting customers need to know

What do you need to know if you rent a server? Read tips from our technical support on proper server operation.

blog 436 Fakes and disinformation: learning to recognize false information on the Internet

Today we are talking not only about the basic rules of information security in the network, but also about the secrets of domains that can tell a lot about sites.

blog 522 Workplace Cybersecurity — Information Hygiene Rules for Company Leadership and Employees

What is cybersecurity, common types of cyber attacks, and how to protect your company from them — all in the latest article from our team.

blog 497 How to protect a WordPress site and not become a victim of open source vulnerabilities

The security of a Wordpress site can be compromised by vulnerabilities in themes and plugins. How to protect WordPress from hacking - read in the article.

blog 471 Bad bots: how they harm the site and how to block them

Bad bots not only create additional load, but can also cause serious damage to the site. How to detect bots on the site and block them?

blog 431 How to protect your Cityhost account in times of information instability

Powerful hacker attacks on services and websites are now taking place all over Ukraine. How to protect your hosting account from intruders?