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blog 221 How to choose the best WordPress hosting

Choosing reliable WordPress hosting for your needs can significantly improve SEO and increase sales.

blog 219 Mythical canonization
 IT news  

A new episode from Google recently aired on myths surrounding the mysterious process of content management or more simply SEO Mythbusting

blog 216 How to connect Google Analytics to WordPress

The analysis of statistical data is the main condition for the successful promotion of the site.

blog 213 How to find out the keywords of someone else's site

In order to effectively promote the site, it is necessary to collect semantics, it is not easy, but absolutely necessary.

blog 222 Advantages and disadvantages of WordPress CMS

WordPress is a content control system with public source code.

blog 218 Google says Australia's new media law is bad for everyone
 IT news  

In their blog, representatives of the Google corporation expressed their opinion about the impracticality of adopting a media law in Australia.

blog 215 WordPress, what it is and what it is eaten with

Basically, web sites are not created on a blank sheet, but on a certain foundation: templates, ready-made settings and tools for uniqueness.

blog 220 Google answered questions on advanced results and structured data
 IT news  

The new blog of the world-famous Corporation pleased the it-guru with its response to urgent problems.

blog 217 You Tube gave the TOP popular videos during quarantine
 IT news  

It seems that the process of globalization has not gone in vain. During forced self-isolation and the absence of many jobs, people spent a lot of time online.

blog 214 How to find and set the main page in WordPress?

The first impression is extremely important not only for a person, but also for a site whose interface is created using WordPress.

blog 211 How to create your success or content plan for beginners

Promotion of your own resource begins with simple steps: high-quality self-promotion and sincerity.