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blog 256 Changing the indexing algorithm of pages in the Google search engine
 IT news  

From October 2020, we will Google in a different way: the search system has been changed, now excerpts are indexed.

blog 255 The new popular trend "packaging + showcase" can already be ordered
 IT news  

The Marketplace has recently provided the opportunity to place orders for "warehouse" Market.

blog 250 What is "nausea" of text and page?

Today, absolutely all sites are filled with text content.

blog 249 Free analytics from Cloudflare
 IT news  

American company specializing in cyber attack prevention and CDN service....

blog 257 Google's search engine is in danger
 IT news  

The US Department of Justice suspected Google of monopolizing its position on the market in search and advertising.

blog 252 How to shorten links: 15 TOP services

To promote the site, it is important to use a lot of tools, including short links.

blog 251 Google search engine filters

The Google Panda filter is an algorithm whose task is to pessimize the positions of sites with low-quality content.

blog 246 Wikipedia: a new design after ten years
 IT news  

The most convenient electronic encyclopedia celebrates its twentieth anniversary next year.

blog 254 What is a sales funnel?

Any business, regardless of the specifics, is subject to certain laws.

blog 253 What is a proxy server?

Today, when the bulk of computers work through hosting, use various programs and mask the weekend, additional online support is necessary.

blog 248 From November 2020, scanning will be via HTTP2
 IT news  

November will bring changes in the lives of site owners: scanning will become much better.

blog 247 Get more traffic with free tools from Ahrefs
 IT news  

To get good traffic and a high ranking, you need to be a pro.