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blog 457 How many servers in Wikipedia and other interesting facts about the world's largest dictionary

Wikipedia knows everything about everything. And what do we know about her? Read interesting facts about the largest encyclopedia in human history.

blog 454 From "thank you" to $2 million - how much you can earn on bug-bounty

How to find an error on the website and make money on it? We review bug-bounty programs that offer rewards for finding vulnerabilities.

blog 451 Interesting facts about national domains of the countries of the world

Did you know that the domains .tv and .bar actually belong to the country of Tuvalu and the city of Bar? Unexpected facts about national zones - in this article.

blog 449 Factors that affect the cost of hosting and domain registration
 IT news  

Ukrainian providers are raising prices for services. From what components the cost price is formed and how it is related to exchange rates - read in the article

blog 456 Drives on the server — HDD or SSD, NVMe or SATA? What do these terms mean and which one to choose when renting a server

When choosing a server for rent, the client can get confused - what does HDD, SSD and other names mean? We talk about the main types of information storage.

blog 453 How the age of the site affects the promotion in Google

How long does it take for Google to index a site? Can a young site get to the top right away? Long to wait? We answer the questions in the article.

blog 450 The history of the development of digital media — from punch cards to cloud storage

Information carriers have come a long way from punch cards to modern solid-state drives and cloud storage. Learn their story.

blog 448 TOP-11 advantages of domain registrar and hosting provider Cityhost

In this article, we have collected all our advantages for you — from the technical intricacies of working with the platform to customer support and the social component.

blog 455 Drop domains: how to buy a domain with a good history and why you need it

Did you know that it is easier to promote a site on a domain with a history? We check and buy a drop domain - step-by-step instructions and an overview of useful services.

blog 452 We place the site on the Internet - what services to buy and how much they cost

Are you planning to place your first website on the Internet? Keep a full account of the cost of services that are required for this - hosting, domain, SSL.

blog 38 How to find broken links and what are broken site links

What are broken links and how do they affect the site? Learn more about which services to use to find broken links and why they are so harmful.

blog 137 How to optimize a website article

What is article optimization? Let's figure it out.