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blog 421 How much longer will we feed the Russian IT industry?

Have you ever wondered how many Russian services Ukrainian businesses use? We suggest discussing the problem and looking for solutions.

blog 418 What is SSH and the main ways to work with it: Web SSH, Midnight Commander, PuTTy, terminal

We explore the possibilities of the SSH protocol and various methods of connection - Web SSH, PuTTY, terminals of operating systems.

blog 415 XXX-files: what can and what is prohibited to host?

Is it possible to host any content, are there any restrictions on the subject of the sites? Find out what materials are prohibited for publication.

blog 407 TOP-5 Ukrainian domains for the site

Domains in the .UA national zone: for those who plan to do business in Ukraine or create an informational web resource for Ukrainian readers.

blog 420 What is site traffic, how to find it and why to monitor it

What is site traffic and how to see the load on your hosting? Read the article to find out when it's time to switch to a new tariff.

blog 417 How hosting affects the ranking and promotion of the site

Does hosting affect site promotion? We know the answer! And they also prepared an overview of services to determine the site loading speed.

blog 409 PRO: what is it and who needs it, an overview of software PRO services

From January 1, 2022, the entrepreneurs of the country are obliged to register the PRO for further legal work. What is software PRO and which service to choose?

blog 406 Learn to program on your own or attend developer courses — what should you choose?

Who will find a job faster - a self-taught person or a graduate of development courses? Let's talk about popular myths about studying in IT schools.

blog 419 CRM systems — what they are, why they are needed and which one to choose

CRM systems facilitate the process of working with clients. If you are looking for ways to optimize your business management, read our review of the best CRMs.

blog 416 TOP-5 task managers for organizing teamwork

Effective planning is already half the work done. Task managers help track processes and clearly assign tasks to employees.

blog 408 2021 — the results of the year
 IT news  

On the eve of the New Year, we gathered and counted our achievements. We share with you our achievements for 2021!

blog 405 How to register an FOP for IT freelancers and which group to choose

The status of an entrepreneur can give a freelancer many advantages. Why register a FOP, how to choose a group and KVEDs?