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blog 312 How to create an internal link on your WordPress site

Internal links on a WordPress site are simply internal links between posts and pages on your site.

blog 306 Google Assistant will read your messages from social networks
 IT news  

If you can't read an urgent text message, ask Google.

blog 304 Useful tips from Yandex.Market
 IT news  

Recently, the Yandex.Market service launched a price analysis function on the market.

blog 302 Telegram channel has launched an advertising exchange
 IT news  

Telegram has launched a new project, - a platform for finding new customers.

blog 310 Yandex has improved Alice's assistant and added new functions
 IT news  

Virtual assistant Alice, created by Yandex, has expanded its functionality.

blog 307 Landing page design: 9 important rules

The main purpose of landing pages is to encourage visitors to take an action...

blog 305 Google has made communicating with buyers easier
 IT news  

In Google "Google Search" and "Google Maps" added the ability to communicate with potential buyers directly in the chat.

blog 300 Google Ads against falsification and deception
 IT news  

Advertisers were put in a strict ethical framework: Google Ads announced new rules for placing advertisements.

blog 309 Yandex launches an audit of Turbo pages
 IT news  

In the near future, Yandex.Market will regularly track errors in the operation of Turbo pages.

blog 308 How to form CA for further promotion

For successful promotion, you need to create a portrait of the target audience that will work.

blog 303 Creation of sites on the 1C-Bitrix platform

1C-Bitrix is considered the most popular of all CMS in our country.

blog 301 New functionality for fashionistas from the Bing search engine
 IT news  

Microsoft's Bings search engine is now on trend. Wandering through the spaces of online stores in search of new...