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blog 74 Increasing the mass of the site

External optimization of the site involves increasing the link mass.

blog 71 How to choose an engine (CMS) for a blog

The active development of the blogosphere has led to the fact that now anyone can create and run a blog.

blog 68 What is the meta tag robots

What is robots meta tag and why use it. What is the function of meta tag robots.

blog 65 Why a large number of pages in the index is not always good

The opinion "the more indexed pages, the better" fundamentally wrong.

blog 73 Usability of the site and a checklist for them

In the previous publication, we already considered what the usability of the site is and how it affects the ranking.

blog 70 We choose a CMS for an online store

There are several hundred engines for sites. Each of them has its own features and is designed for specific types of sites.

blog 67 How anchors affect the site's search engine optimization

There are many myths about the influence of anchors on site promotion.

blog 64 Principles of weight distribution of site pages

Internal linking of the site is one of the important aspects for the successful promotion of the project.

blog 72 How to deal with pages that are no longer there and will not be

An online store needs more than just reliable website hosting.

blog 69 How to change the structure of the site and in what cases it is necessary

The need to change the structure of the site can arise for various reasons.

blog 66 How to write headlines for page optimization

Internal site optimization includes many points that search engines take into account.

blog 63 How to correctly transfer a site to another domain

How competently transfer site with one domain on other without loss traffic and positions in search output.