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blog 447 How to properly register a trademark to get a UA domain

Read in the article how to get a UA domain, how to correctly register a trademark and whether it is possible to reserve a UA domain if the TM is in the process of registration.

blog 443 How to get a domain for free

How to get a domain for free? We will tell you about some interesting ways to register domains and about the pitfalls that can lie in wait for the user.

blog 440 A Ukrainian analogue of Pikabu appeared - Kartopelka. What are the problems of entertainment sites in Ukraine?

You can stop reading Russian Pikabu, because a new analogue has been created for Ukrainians. This is the beginning of the displacement of Russians from the niche of entertainment sites.

blog 437 TOP-11 feature films about digital technologies and programming

In this selection, we have collected 11 very different films dedicated to digital technologies and programming - the Internet, hacking and artificial intelligence.

blog 446 Inventions of Ukrainians in the IT industry

Ukrainians contributed to the creation of many technologies without which the IT industry would be unthinkable. And even the basics of the Internet were developed by a Ukrainian.

blog 442 How to self-organize in remote work
 IT news  

Effectiveness in remote work depends on many factors. We share the secrets of organizing the day, working space and our thoughts.

blog 439 In Ukrainian, please — a law is coming into force that obliges websites and programs to be translated into the state language
 IT news  

From July 16, all websites, programs and equipment interfaces must be in Ukrainian. Violators face fines for non-compliance with the law.

blog 436 Fakes and disinformation: learning to recognize false information on the Internet

Today we are talking not only about the basic rules of information security in the network, but also about the secrets of domains that can tell a lot about sites.

blog 445 Business accounting in the cloud: worth it or not

Modern business is impossible without automation, management and accounting systems. Cloud services are a simple and flexible way of using such systems.

blog 441 Checklist: how to open an online store for 1000 products

If you want to open your first online store, but you don't have the knowledge and capital, read how to do it with the Weblium site builder.

blog 438 How the Internet changed the world: TOP-10 usual things and phenomena that might not have existed

Have you ever wondered how much the Internet has changed our lives and how many things around us exist precisely because of it? Let's remember them.

blog 435 How to remove Russian sites from Google search

Tired of Russian sites that dominate search results? We tell you how to change Google's algorithms so that it becomes Ukrainian.