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How to choose a backlink donor


In the past, search engines liked sites with a lot of external links. SEO-optimizers took advantage of this: they massively purchased backlinks on exchanges, chased them through catalogs... And they didn't particularly think about which platforms the links are placed on.

Now the algorithms of search engines have changed: not only the number of backlinks, but also their quality is taken into account. And you can easily earn a filter by running through catalogs or buying links in bulk.

Quality backlink:

  • has a positive effect on promotion;
  • improves positions in search results;
  • increases traffic;
  • increases user loyalty;
  • increases the number of targeted actions (orders, reposts, newsletter subscriptions).

If you place such links, then the external optimization of the site will be ideal. And in order to achieve such a result, it is necessary to choose a donor for the purchase of backlinks as responsibly as possible. After all, if you place them on dubious resources, you will not only fall under the filter, but also throw money away.

How to find a quality donor for placing backlinks?

Before choosing a donor to buy links, you need to make a checklist of the main criteria by which you can select quality sites. Let's make this task easier for you and consider the main parameters that you should pay special attention to.

The theme of the donor

The topic of the donor site should match yours. Or at least be adjacent. Agree, few people will like an article about buying construction tools on a women's blog. And the matter here is not only the loyalty of search engines.

Your target audience is "sitting" on thematic sites. She will certainly be interested in useful information and will go to the web resource to view the products and, possibly, place an order. And hardly anyone will want to buy construction tools from a women's blog. But the links are precisely put to increase sales by attracting interested users.

Important : If you have a large project, we recommend ordering a reliable VPS server and ensuring stable operation of the site.

Region of the donor

Ideally, it is recommended to choose donor sites with an audience from your city. But since it is difficult to find such platforms (and there are not many of them), you need to focus on web resources where users from your country "sit" (provided that the goods are delivered to all regions). The domain zone of the site will help determine the region of the donor - this is the easiest option.


On exchanges, most sites are created purely for earning links. The maximum that their owners do is periodically add unique content. But there are no active users and no comments either.

On a good donor site with high activity:

  • new interesting content is added regularly;
  • all possible commenting systems are used;
  • there are dozens of comments under each publication;
  • there are "live" groups in social networks.

The value of a link from such a resource will be enormous.

And it makes no sense to be placed on a mini-site with a couple of unique articles and a complete lack of comments. In such cases, the cost of the backlink is usually much higher than its real value.

One look is enough to understand whether a donor site is suitable for placing a link or not. Outdated design, unformatted text (solid canvas), lack of pictures, a lot of errors clearly indicate that it is better to avoid this site. Good sites are immediately visible - it is pleasant to be on them, you want to familiarize yourself with other publications, read user comments and leave your own.


The higher the traffic, the better the donor. But not always. Learn to distinguish fake traffic from real traffic, see where users are coming from. Ideally, they should come from search results - this is the most reliable source.

You can check the attendance of the donor with the help of specialized services. For example, Semrush or Similarweb.

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No filters

It makes no sense to place a link on the website under the CSO. After all, your site will also fall under the filter. To avoid this, check the donor for the absence of sanctions from search engines using online services.

Indexing of the donor site

To check the indexing of the donor site, analyze the number of pages in the Google. You should refuse to post a link if:

  • the number of indexed pages is clearly less than the total number of pages on the site;
  • the site is not in the index at all.

The presence of advertising

Moderate advertising does not annoy users and brings income to the site owner. But if the site is flooded with advertising banners of non-thematic products that flash, distract attention and cover half of the content, this is overkill. It is better to refuse to post backlinks on such a resource.

Age of the donor site

Ideally, the site should be 1 year or older. Young "green" sites should be avoided. Exceptions are resources that, despite their modest age, have good and "clean" traffic.

Usefulness for customers

Quality sites are created primarily for people. And only later - to earn money by placing backlinks.

In this case, you need to look at the number of incoming and outgoing links. Donor sites can be analyzed using Ahrefs or Serpstat. A good site should have more inbound links than outbound links. Or at least as much.

Also, pay attention to the growth dynamics of the reference mass. There should be no sharp jumps, otherwise search engines may impose a filter on the site for an attempt to cheat the link profile. And your resource will also be given away.

Additional criteria that influence the decision to buy backlinks

In addition to the main parameters, there are additional ones:

  1. Look at the rating indicators. One of them is DR by Ahrefs, which gives an idea of the weight of the domain of the donor site. The higher the number, the better the site is for placing the link.
  2. It will not be superfluous to conduct a general SEO analysis of the donor with the help of free online services. Reliable hosting , fast loading of pages, well-filled Title and Description - all this will confirm the quality of the donor site.
  3. It is recommended to place backlinks on pages with response code 200, not 301. The latter option is also allowed - but only as an alternative to the main one.
  4. Remember that pages with GET parameters (forum, print) are not indexed by search engines. And posting a link here makes no sense.
  5. Another important parameter is the nesting level of the page. The closer it is to the main one, the better. Ideally, it is recommended to place backlinks on pages of no more than the 2nd nesting level.

How to select donors to buy links: 2 simple ways

Selection of high-quality backlink donors is not an easy task. This is a fairly routine process that takes a lot of effort and personal time. It can be done in 2 ways: manually or using automated programs. And here you have to choose what you are willing to sacrifice - personal time or the quality of donor sites.

Manual selection of donors

By manually checking each donor site, you will know exactly how good it is. And you can choose the most top sites. But this work takes a lot of time.

Therefore, this method is suitable only for SEO specialists who deal with 2-3 client projects or owners of one site. With a small number of sites, you can afford to check donors on a checklist, marking each item with a plus or minus (in Excel, Google Sheets, Notepad).

With careful hand selection, the results will be impressive. And placing backlinks on selected sites will also give a very noticeable exhaust.

Automatic selection of donors

This method is simpler and more convenient. But in terms of reliability, it is lame, since donors are not selected by a person, but by a program. And here you can't be 100% sure that automatic checking of sites will work perfectly. There is always a risk that questionable resources will be included in the list of selected sites. And so you can not only throw money away, but also fall under the filters.

To partially reduce the risks, we recommend combining both methods. That is, entrust the initial selection to the program, and then manually check each site.


Now you know how to find a donor to buy links, and by what parameters to check it. We advise you to approach the work as responsibly as possible, because how much effort will be invested - this is the exhaust you will get. And since any mistakes end either with the site falling under the filter, or with wasting money, it is better not to mess around and do everything on conscience.

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