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How to work with the Miralinks exchange


Miralinks is one of the popular sites for posting eternal links. Has a huge database, which includes more than 13,400 sites of various topics. Thoroughly checks donors, which guarantees the quality of available sites. Allows you to place up to 3 backlinks in one article with a volume of 2000 characters or more.

Also, the Miralinks exchange sells links 1.5-2 times cheaper than GoGetLinks. Due to the optimal ratio of quality and price of backlinks, it is popular both among webmasters and among customers (owners of online stores, SEO studios).

How to work with Miralinks: step-by-step instructions

The instructions for working with Miralinks are very simple. There is nothing complicated, but you need to sit down once and figure it out. To make this task easier for you, let's look at the key stages in detail.


Registering on Miralinks is easy:

  • come up with a login and password;
  • enter an e-mail address;
  • enter the captcha;
  • put a tick that agrees with the rules of the exchange;
  • click the "Register" button.

An email will be sent to the specified e-mail with a link to confirm registration. Then on the Miralinks website, you need to select the "Advertiser" status (if you plan to work with external optimization of the site and purchase links).

Adding an article

After choosing a status, your personal account will be available. By default, it is empty, so first you need to click the "Add project" button. Next, the Miralinks article exchange will offer to choose one of three options:

  1. Professional (self promotion of the site).
  2. Carefree (you get a personal manager, and all the work will be done by Miralinx specialists).
  3. Newbie (for beginner SEO-optimizers).

We recommend stopping at "Professional". So the services of the exchange will cost less, plus you will be able to manage the projects yourself (without outside intervention and forced training).

Important : If you have a large project, we recommend ordering a reliable VPS server and ensuring the stable operation of the progressing project.

After creating the project, you can add articles. The instructions are also simple:

  • specify the title of the article;
  • write down the desired URL of the page;
  • fill in the Title and Description meta tags;
  • write a short announcement (you can duplicate the Description);
  • paste the previously written text into the corresponding field;
  • click the "Submit for moderation" button.

Before sending, you can check the text for uniqueness. By default, Miralink permalink exchange offers 10 free verifications, further verifications are paid.

After successful moderation, the article will fall into the hands of the owner of the donor site. He will publish it - and the content will become available to all users on the Internet.

In short, in this respect, Miralinks is not much different from any other permalink exchange . Articles are added here in approximately the same way, so there should not be any difficulties.

Search for donor sites

The Miralinks exchange filter is very convenient. Here you can specify any required parameters:

  • domain zone;
  • region;
  • Keywords;
  • attendance requirements (for example, from 500 people per day);
  • subject matter;
  • desired cost of accommodation (from and to).

After clicking the "Search" button, only sites that match these criteria will be displayed in the list. Brief information is usually not enough, so you have to look at the full description.

If the platform suits you, then you can click the "Post articles" button below. There are different tariffs to choose from - with insurance (more expensive) and without it (cheaper).


As you can see, working with Miralinx is very simple. Yes, it has its own peculiarities (you need to write articles yourself and know the rules of the service so that they pass moderation), but this is not critical. But the exchange offers a huge base of quality resources of any topic, so finding a suitable site is a matter of time.

Just don't forget to check the speed of posting the article, the example of published content, the number of links specified by the webmaster, the hosting of the donor's site and other important points. After all, the exhaust from the placed link on the selected site directly depends on this.

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