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Instructions for working with the linkpad service


When working on external website optimization, you often have to use the Linkpad service. After all, here you can see the link profile (your own or competitors), analyze donors, incoming and outgoing anchors.

The service provides a lot of information, but not everyone knows how to use it. Therefore, below is an instruction on Linkpad, which will help to understand everything.

Features of the Linkpad service

Link Pad has its own search robots that collect information that is displayed to all users. The LinkPad database is as close as possible to the databases of search engines.

Previously, the service incorrectly displayed information on HTTPS web resources. In all tested sites, the number of backlinks was almost always the same - about 140 thousand. Today, the error has already been corrected, and Linkpad correctly displays data on HTTPS sites as well.

The range of services in the service is huge: accelerated promotion, increased promotion efficiency, etc. And almost all of them are paid. But in this post, we'll look at LinkPad's free link checker option.

Important : If you have a large project, we recommend ordering a reliable VPS server and ensuring stable operation of the site.

It helps in the analysis of third-party sites - more precisely, their reference mass. With its help, you can get useful information about donors, anchors, and the number of backlinks. And, starting from it, adjust the external optimization of your own site to take higher positions.

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Instructions for working with Linkpad

On the main page of Linkpad there is a search form. To analyze a specific site, enter the domain name of the site and click the magnifying glass button.

After a couple of seconds, a detailed report with the found information will open. But to get full access to the sections, you need to log in (by first registering if you don't have a personal account on Linkpad).

The first in the report is the schedule of changes in the number of donors and backlinks for the current year. If necessary, you can view similar data for 3 or 5 years.

Next, the Linkpad service displays interesting statistics:

  • number of backlinks;
  • the percentage of unanchored links and links closed with the nofollow tag;
  • the number of IP address links;
  • estimated price of placing backlinks;
  • the percentage share of donors of different domain zones;
  • landing pages and search queries.

Then a block is displayed, in which the "Links" section is immediately opened. The address of each backlink and anchor is shown here. If necessary, you can go to the URL and familiarize yourself with the donor site.

The remaining sections must be opened manually:

  1. Pages in the index. Displays indexed pages, their titles and URLs.
  2. Sites on the same IP. Shows the number of web resources hosted on the same IP address as the analyzed site, their URLs, information on backlinks and donors.
  3. Donors Displays platforms on which backlinks are published. Additionally shows their URL, number of backlinks, anchors.
  4. Recipients. Shows the URL of sites to which the analyzed web resource refers.
  5. Link on the site. Displays a list of outgoing backlinks, their anchors and the URL where they lead.
  6. Anchors. Shows a list of incoming anchors and donor sites with those anchors.
  7. Weekend anchors. Displays the URL of sites and anchors placed from the analyzed site.

If necessary, data from any tab can be downloaded as a file. For this, a special button "Export to CSV" is provided.

As you can see, the Link Checker option is very simple. You only need to go through all the points once - and you will immediately understand what is displayed where. And after that you can analyze the link profile of any other sites.

How accurate is the data from Linkpad?

The Linkpad service has one problem - it shows data with a long delay. Its databases are updated too slowly, so the current information is not 100% reliable. And, most likely, there will not be actual data on recently placed backlinks.

Therefore, the Linkpad service is used for general analysis of the link profile of competitors. He copes with this task perfectly. And to get more up-to-date information (for example, if you need to constantly monitor the link mass of your own site), you can use free tools from Google and Yandex or other paid services such as Linkpad.

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