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There are many link exchanges. On the one hand, this is good, but on the other hand, it makes it difficult for SEO optimizers to choose a site. After all, in order for external optimization to give tangible results, you need to place backlinks on authoritative resources. And if you use the services of a dubious exchange, the effect will be exactly the opposite.

How not to make a mistake with the choice? It's simple: use the services of the most popular link exchanges with a high rating. We have selected popular sites especially for you, each of which is great for buying backlinks.

Important: If you have a large project, we recommend ordering a reliable VPS server and ensuring stable operation of the site.


PRposting is a platform for promoting web resources using articles of any format. Here you can order the placement of an article, press release or news, or offer copywriting to copywriters.

The service offers more than 44,000 web resources of any kind - sports, tourism, technologies, women's sites, recipes, etc. PRposting works in 177 countries, with its help, about 100,000 articles have already been posted online.

PRposting - platform for website promotion with articles

The service uses metrics from a number of proven SEO tools (Ahrefs, Similarweb, Majestic, etc.), which are compiled into clear and convenient information blocks. The following information can be found in the description of accommodation sites:

  • Site topics;

  • The length of the article (usually from 300 words);

  • Language of publications;

  • Presence or absence of https;

  • The number of pages in the Google index;

  • domain DR and organic traffic (total and broken down by country);

  • The number of incoming and outgoing links, etc.

Webmasters of donor sites themselves decide how many and which links can be placed in one article. On average, these are 2-4 nofollow or dofollow links.

Only verified web resources are present on PRposting, all articles are placed manually, and the customer receives guarantees - if the webmaster does not publish the ordered article within seven days, the platform will return the money.

Prices for the service are in dollars, the cost of placement is from $13 to $300. Such prices are very democratic and affordable even for beginning webmasters, and the invested funds always pay off, because on this platform clients receive only quality links.

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PRNEWS.IO is an effective permalink exchange. The service is aimed at working with texts in the following formats: articles, news, interviews, press releases and reviews. You cannot buy a context link or note through the exchange. Only complete texts.

Here are the main advantages of the PRNEWS.IO exchange:

  • More than 50,000 publishing sites from more than 120 countries have been added. With the help of the service, you can place an article, for example, on the international version of the Marie Claire website or on
  • Different payment methods and currencies are available, which allows you to conveniently pay for publications from different countries of the world.
  • Guarantee of publication. If the material is not released within the stipulated period under the specified conditions, the exchange promises to return the money;
  • Referral program for partners with favorable conditions (2%);
  • Loyalty program - cashback for regular customers;
  • Customer support through a convenient channel - mail, phone, chat, telegram, Skype, social. chain;

Using PRNEWS.IO, you can place both publications written by you and order the writing of texts from journalists of publications. Other additional services are also available, such as: text translation, reposting it on social media networks, etc.


Collaborator is a reliable platform for advertisers and website owners to place PR articles and press releases.

The catalog features over 29,000 trusted websites and 2,000 TG channels with a live audience, validated by analytics and real advertiser reviews.

Key benefits:

Collaborator permalink exchange

  • Unique sites and channels from 130+ countries worldwide;

  • Audience geography confirmed by Google Analytics and SimilarWeb;

  • Official integration with Ahrefs and 40+ technical parameters for selecting platforms;

  • Convenient filtering system;

  • "Search Agent" feature to alert about new platforms;

  • Master account for SEO agencies;

  • Lowest service commission: 10% of the deposit amount and 15% for withdrawals;

  • Data confidentiality;

  • Over 75% of deals closed within 48 hours.

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Referr is a service for obtaining organic crowd links from forums, communities, social profiles, and directories. Additionally, the platform provides comprehensive link building services, including market and competitor analysis, selection of the best strategies, and platforms for promotion through links.

The Ukrainian platform has been operating since 2013 and has methodologies previously tested on its own projects—after achieving good results, the team decided to offer its strategy to other businesses.

The service offers work with platforms from more than 40 different countries and operates in more than 10 languages. Referr clients have access to a large catalog of platforms—6300+ sites of various topics.

All crowd links are placed manually and verified by moderators, ensuring clients receive quality links.

Reliable Ukrainian hosting Cityhost


The Whitepress content marketing platform specializes in placing advertisers' articles on websites and portals. The service offers advantageous conditions for both parties—webmasters can independently set pricing policies, reject articles of insufficient quality or relevance, and receive payment for publication within 24 hours. Advertisers, on the other hand, can utilize the catalog, which includes publishers who have undergone rigorous moderation, and the system checks the published article for 12 months. To track reader engagement independently, users can utilize a free tracking code provided by the service.

Whitepress also offers the services of copywriters ready to create high-quality content for websites. The platform employs over 60 specialists with whom users can communicate directly and control the article writing process.

Work on Whitepress is fully automated and allows for placing links not only on Ukrainian but also on foreign web resources. The service's catalog includes nearly 92,000 sites in 30 languages ​​from around the world. This enables promoting a website to the European market with guaranteed results and assistance from a local support team fluent in the local language.

Another advantage of the platform is its convenient internal search system with a large number of filters based on technical parameters, allowing users to select the exact donor they need.


This TOP-5 includes exchanges of different price segments: high, medium, low. Thanks to this, everyone will be able to find a suitable option for themselves. To determine which link exchange for your site is right for you, start from your own budget and the result you want to achieve.

And remember: before placing a link, be sure to check the topic, region, activity, attendance, hosting of the donor and other key parameters. After all, what kind of exhaust the backlink will give directly depends on this.

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