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Signs of natural links


Search engines annually change the rules of the SEO game, invent new algorithms, and complicate the life of SEO-optimizers. If earlier the external optimization of the site consisted only of running through catalogs and mass purchase of backlinks on any sites, then today it does not work.

Now submit the most natural links to search engines, and also from authoritative sites. Increasingly, a situation occurs when they do not take into account backlinks purchased on exchanges. And sometimes they reward them with filters.

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SEO-optimizers have to adapt to new algorithms, carefully select donors and try to get as many natural links to the site as possible. Of course, waiting for them to appear is not profitable - too long. That is why you have to buy such backlinks on exchanges so that search engines believe that they are natural. This is a difficult task, but you need to know what criteria they must meet.

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Key criteria for the naturalness of links

  1. The link is placed on the page at the time of its publication. The first sign of a natural link is that it appears simultaneously with a new page. Content is first published on dubious platforms, and a backlink is added (by editing) after a couple of months. For search engines, this is an immediate alarm bell.
  2. The backlink is located inside the content. SEO natural links are placed inside the text. So they are calmly perceived by both users and search engines. What can you say about the links located in the footer or sidebar.
  3. The link has a semantic connection with the content and is similar in subject matter to the page to which it is linked. If the text is about choosing car tires, and the backlink leads to a page with baby strollers, it looks silly. Users will close a pointless article, and search engines will reward the site with filters. The backlink should be placed in the text about tires and lead to the site where the same car tires are sold. This is a classic example of a natural link.
  4. The link is posted on a reputable site. High trust indicators, high-quality link profile of the site, optimal number of incoming and outgoing links - all this indicates a good reputation of the donor. Such sites are well received by search engines - just like the links placed on them.
  5. There is not one link in the text, but several. Usually, copywriters receive an anchor backlink in the TK and write an article based on it. Such a task is given to them by SEO-optimizers, and many link exchanges have similar requirements. But search engines immediately identify such a backlink as purchasable. Ideally, you should place several other links in the text that are similar in topic. So they will all be more natural.
  6. The page with the backlink should be placed in a visible place. If it has the fifth nesting level, users will not find it. And the lack of transitions clearly hints at the unnaturalness of the link.
  7. Natural links are used in small quantities and without anchors. No more than 1-3 backlinks are allowed within one text. And most often - without anchors, and not with clearly commercial anchors. An anchor is only allowed if it repeats the page title.
  8. The link is attached to the image. Such a decision is well received by search engines. Therefore, you can experiment and try to attach a couple of links to pictures.
  9. The backlink is closed with a nofollow tag. It is ignored by search engines and does not give an effect for promotion. So, such a backlink is intended only for users - and this is a good signal for Google and Yandex.
  10. The backlink page has its own incoming links. No one recommends articles from low-quality sites created purely to sell links. And if users link to the page, it grows with incoming links and becomes more authoritative in the eyes of search engines. Accordingly, the value of the backlink placed on it also increases.

Promote with natural links!

Posting with natural links is not as difficult as it seems at first. It is enough to figure it out once - and then the work will go like clockwork.

In any case, there is no way without them today. If you want to effectively promote a specific site domain , learn to place backlinks so that search engines consider them as natural as possible.

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