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How to work with the exchange of eternal links GoGetLinks


The GoGetLinks link exchange takes a leading place among similar services. She left behind even Miralinks , which is also popular in Runet. GoGetLinks has the strictest selection of sites, so the donors here are of impeccable quality. And there are more than 10,000 of them in the database - and of any subject.

You don't even need to write articles yourself on the stock exchange. This is done by the owners of the donor sites themselves. So for customers who have decided to buy backlinks, this service is considered the best option.

How to work with GoGetLinks: step-by-step instructions

Buying GoGetLinks permalinks can seem difficult for newbies. Yes, at first you need to understand and understand everything, but this applies to any service of a similar plan.

To make this task easier for you, below are detailed instructions for working with GoGetLinks.


The stock exchange registration procedure is standard:

  • come up with a username and password;
  • enter a valid e-mail address;
  • enter captcha;
  • agree with the license and system rules;
  • click the "Register" button.

You will receive an email with a link to confirm your registration.

Creating a campaign

After successful registration, your personal account will be available. The system will offer to create a new campaign for external optimization of the site (i.e. purchase of links).

The procedure for adding a campaign is as follows:

Click the "Create a new campaign" button . In the new window, specify the name of the campaign, the type of reviews, where the backlink will be placed (best – in articles).

Fill in the "Address and link text" section . Specify the topic of the donors. To refuse automatic promotion, check the box next to "Ignore sites that participate in the car exchange". Otherwise, you can catch the filter for cheap and low-quality backlinks.

Important : If you have a large project, we recommend ordering a reliable VPS server and ensuring the stable operation of the progressing project.

Specify the characteristics of the pages on which you want to place backlinks . Additionally, you can write comments to the task, which will create the text located next to the link.

Specify the optimal prices for placing backlinks . The campaign will be created - and you will start receiving requests from webmasters. Often offers come with low prices, but the quality of these resources will be average. If you do not want to be bothered by such webmasters, change the value "Available" to "Hidden" in the "Visibility" column.

By the way, when filling in the URL address and backlink text in step 3, remember that any anchors are perceived by the exchange as commercial. And according to her recommendations, there should be no more than 35% of them. There is also an item "Allow link bias". If you do not need it, remove the checkmark (it is by default).

Search for donor sites

At the first stage of the search, you need to specify the main parameters by which the sites will be selected. The list is long, but it's for the best, because this way you can quickly weed out unnecessary sites.

After the search, the list will display sites that fit these criteria. Here you can compare different sites and choose the best.

To reduce the cost of accommodation, remove the check mark in the "Insure reviews" item. This is a standard feature of the permalink exchange , which guarantees a refund if the backlink is lost within a year of publication. However, the GoGetLinks manual advises you to use this option, because what to do is up to you.

To confirm the order, there must be a certain amount on the account. After confirming the application, it will be frozen. The owner of the donor site will see this and write about his readiness to post a backlink. Then you confirm that you have agreed with him, and the funds are unfrozen.


As you can see, the GoGetLinks permalink exchange is easy to master, and even a novice can figure it out. The interface is very simple and intuitive, plus there are question marks in many places (if you move the mouse cursor over them, you can see hints).

The only caveat is that before posting links, be sure to check the donor for key parameters. See page loading speed, topic, region, traffic, site hosting , etc. After all, the higher the quality of the platform, the more exhaust there will be from the placed backlink.

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