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Google answered questions on advanced results and structured data


The new blog of the world-famous Corporation pleased the it-guru with its response to urgent problems. Search specialist Daniel Weisberg talked about Search Console and advanced results at previous meetings. They organized a whole conference where the participants voiced their expectations and difficulties.

We've posted a video of the event below so you can watch it in its original form.

We have collected all the key theses in one text, which will become your desktop reference for webmasters. No more digging around on the web, just use our findings.

The most interesting in the "advanced results" section: Questions and answers.

  • How does the structured data implemented on the site affect its ranking?

Structured data does not individually affect the site's position in the search engine, but it makes Google's job easier. The program can analyze the content of the page with their help. The search engine correctly determines where the page will occupy its adequate place thanks to this function.

  • E-Commerce question: how should information be organized to be effective on these sites?

Micro-markup helps you, but you need to use it when the main object of the page is the subject of the search. Just choose the right category.

  • Reaching the unfathomable: The size of content that works with structured data?

The question is not in scope. there are no restrictions here. It is important that the content of the page is accessible to visitors, and the data itself corresponds to the content load of the page.

  • The secret to the correct placement of a page with current questions (FAQ)?

As a rule, such pages contain questions and answers on a certain topic. With high-quality markup, the information will appear in the search section. Google Assistance will come to your aid if the task is performed perfectly.

The list of FAQ questions is a set of special codes that allows one click to visualize or hide the information hidden "inside" the question. The program displays a list of sites matching the request. It is important to understand that the user must not just click on the question, but also go to the site, then the click is considered relevant.

  • Suppose the information is posted on the company's website. Will the Google search engine show advanced results, or simply reviews?

Of course there will be, if the rule is followed: "comments are left by users". The rating cannot be left by the supplier or the site owner himself, it will not work, you will simply be blocked, and sanctions may also be applied against the company.

  • What types of advanced search results does not support Google and how to use them?

"Our" search engine really has a certain list of search types, it does not go beyond them. But Google is not the only search engine. Do not limit yourself, just place the request in a format convenient for you.

  • The reason for the disappearance of queries that were previously displayed in the search engine?

Google's search engine is configured to display the most popular queries, which helps to understand user requirements. A lot of nuances are taken into account here: the type of gadget, the location, what the user was looking for before that. The algorithm itself decides which link better reflects the essence of the request. Sometimes the program redirects you to another site, sometimes it gives a blue link.

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In the report on the advanced results in the search panel (Search Console), you will receive information about all possible errors. If the report is not empty, it means that the site is working.

  • What is validation of dynamically generated ordered data?

There is a special check of advanced results. You can also use the search bar to analyze URLs.

  • What if I need to add structured data to WordPress?

Micromarks can be added to special plugins of this application. It would be nice to check the theme settings.

  • If Google doesn't support Rich Results Test for text validation, can it be used in building a microsystem?

Structured data pops up in Google as advanced results. The Rich Results Test system comes into operation as the data is controlled. At this stage, the Corporation aims to abandon the verification of micromarking. Now you can use external resources. Therefore, any program will be able to calmly cooperate with our search engine. At previous meetings, the intricacies of mobile-first indexing were discussed, which became somewhat of a "cold shower" for many site owners.

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