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You Tube gave the TOP popular videos during quarantine


It seems that the process of globalization has not gone in vain. During forced self-isolation and the absence of many jobs, people spent a lot of time online. It is interesting that regardless of the country, religion and political processes, the whole world was looking for practically the same thing

We provide a list of the most popular requests:

  • Let's start with the most important - Food . The catering system was the first to suffer from the quarantine. People rushed to their gadgets with the question "How to cook pies?" "Tobacco chicken?" and "Greek salad". People even tried to learn how to bake bread and make foie gras. During this time, many were forced to take cooking courses.
  • After enjoying the food, people began to deal with their inner world . The following in the ranking of requests were: complexes of physical exercises, yoga classes, psychological exercises for fear management, ways to improve sleep.
  • People finally turned away from the daily rush and looked inside themselves . The number of views with videos of beautiful nature, the sounds of birds singing, the sound of the wind and the murmur of water has increased significantly. Read also : How to connect Google Analytics to WordPress .
  • Having understood ourselves and found answers to the question of how not to panic, we demanded communication . Man is a social being. The number of various video chats, conferences and even parties has increased significantly. The number of videos where they do something together on Skype has increased by more than half a thousand percent. Internet visitors "actively visited" museums and "visited" excursions.
  • Another type of request can be called "New me" . Locked in the narrow spaces of their homes, humanity, deprived of the hope of returning to their usual life, plunged headlong into their hobbies. Requests for applied specialties have expanded: horticulture, cooking, hairdressing, esotericism and the secrets of the universe.

The pandemic turned everything upside down, depriving us of our usual way of life. This seemingly tragedy became for many of us an impetus to look at ourselves in a new way and reveal our true talents. Humanity does not stand still, the epidemiological crisis pushed us to a new round of development.

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