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The new popular trend "packaging + showcase" can already be ordered


The Marketplace has recently provided an opportunity to place an order for the "warehouse" of the Market. The store owner can bring goods to the warehouse under the order, and the platform team will independently make an address delivery to the buyer. The new option allows store owners to display their assortment virtually without overpaying for storage.

For running goods, the use of the "fulfillment" method is expected, but copies that are rarely ordered will be delivered under the order under the new system. The new variation of the service resembles "showcase + fulfillment", but "showcase + packaging" is twice as cheap.

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What is useful in this?

The market leaves it up to the owners of virtual trading platforms to use two models at the same time. It is good because:

  • you can expand the assortment and not overpay for storage;
  • to make an insurance stock of popular copies in the storage and at home;
  • user costs are significantly reduced.

For existing stores in the "fullfillment" system, there is no need to re-register the catalog. Those goods that will be shipped according to the new method are moved to another warehouse in the system. The directory data remains unchanged. The new offer is appropriate for those whose stock is more than five hundred copies. Updating warehouse stocks should be done every day. It is also important to provide the platform with up-to-date information on the availability of the product in the Market's storage and key parameters.

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