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Google's search engine is in danger


The US Department of Justice suspected Google of monopolizing its position on the market in search and advertising. Prosecutors in 11 states are gleefully rubbing their hands together and wishing for reprisals. There is information that the Corporation spared no expense in bribing companies that produce gadgets and provide information control services. We are talking about the fact that on all popular phone models, Google is automatically offered for accessing the Internet.

According to the Antimonopoly Committee, switching to Google leads to a deterioration of the service. According to the Ministry, Giant owns half of the traffic in the search engine. Google did not remain silent on the accusations.

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According to the corporation, people choose it precisely because of its convenient interface and thoughtful tools. The company really invests a lot of resources in the development and promotion of its services. That is why the Google search engine is the most popular among users. While the lawsuit is ongoing, users are happy to stick with their long-loved search engine.

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