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How to find Wordpress page ID?


Why do you need an ID?

Page ID is a unique number that helps identify information. Do you want to effectively manage the site? It is not enough to choose the right hosting . It is also necessary to know the intricacies of site construction, for example, to be able to find an ID.

Knowing the ID of the page is necessary for adding plugins, designing a separate letter. Often there is a situation where an application needs to be installed for a specific text, but you do not want the application to affect other content. For example, you decided to change the design style of only one page. Readers are often interested in how to find out the ID of the main page.

The principle of searching for IDs of pages, entries, and headings is similar. Information about pages is valid for other categories of the resource.

How to find Wordpress page ID?

There is nothing complicated here, although many site owners do not know how to do this.

There are two ways to find out the ID:

  • manually;
  • using a plugin.

How to view page ID in Wordpress manually?

Go to the site admin. Open the "All Pages" section. Place the mouse cursor on the desired page. The necessary information will appear below, in the left corner. The page ID is after the post =. To copy the page number, click on it with the mouse, the information will appear in the address bar. You can copy it here.

If you need to find the ID of a separate publication, the algorithm of actions is similar. Go to "All publications". Select the desired article, point to it with the search box. Information will appear on the left, at the bottom of the screen. This is the easiest, but not the most convenient way. Why? You will not be able to copy the text ID. To copy the record number, click on the title. In the address bar, the text identifier will be between the Post = and & signs.

To find out the unique number of the section, we will perform similar actions. In the site admin, go to the "Rubrics" section. We click with the mouse on the desired section. The necessary information will appear between tag_ID = and&post.

How to find out Wordpress page ID using a plugin?

If you don't want to highlight and copy every time, the process can be greatly simplified by installing a special program. The applications are especially useful when you want to organize information by identifier.

Among the ID search programs, the most convenient are:

1. Show Pages ID

The plugin is open source. Written by a well-known developer. The application provides an opportunity to view various identifiers - records, pictures, rubrics, etc. After installing Show Pages, to get the necessary information, in the admin, go to the section you are looking for, for example, "Records". The identifier will appear in the last column.

2. Reveal ID

The application is similar to the previous one, but it was developed directly by the Wordpress community.

You can select the Ukrainian language in the plugin menu. Another useful feature is the ability to sort columns. You can change their location. We recommend putting the most prioritized ones at the front, this will greatly simplify the process of finding important information.

Reveal ID will be especially useful for those who like to experiment with different features of the site.

Not all site owners will need the ability to find an ID, but if you have to sort information, change the settings of individual elements, the habit is necessary.

We hope that this article answered the question regarding the search for an identifier.

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