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The new zen for widgets


Zen.Yandex has made several adjustments to its algorithm that make it easier for bloggers who use widgets. Thanks to the link, you can insert the product that was described in the text into the text. This simplifies the consumer's life: now the desired product is visualized with one click. The innovation allows you to recommend a specific store by specifying its URL in the specialized section (stores). After the publication of the article, this trading platform will be the first in the search list. All changes must be made through Yandex.Market.

Now the restriction on inappropriate video materials has been removed, but the program will hide them in the content itself. Developers recommend placing widgets at the beginning of video material. To set the time, you need to select the card of the product and place it at the required stage. The results will be displayed in the "statistics" section.

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The option is available to all monetized channels. Given the popularity of widgets among users, the innovation will allow bloggers to earn even more from their content.

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