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Google groups targeting


In order to increase privacy and further personalize advertising, Google is making adjustments to the algorithm. The transition from an individual approach to targeting to a group approach is currently being tested. Users will be divided into cohorts depending on requests.

To implement the project by 2022, the Company will stop supporting third-party cookie files in the Chrome browser. At the same time, serious attention is paid to increasing the level of security. According to the results of testing, the method of division into cohorts makes advertising more relevant compared to the existing approach.

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Cohorts are formed on the basis of search queries in the network, and the formation of groups allows you to preserve confidentiality. However, marketers expressed doubts about this method. The more members of the group, the less ability to track the individual goals of the user.

Therefore, the developers are looking for an opportunity to adjust the process of formation of cohorts taking into account this market request. In order to increase security, the groups will be formed quite voluminous, but according to a certain number of points of contact in requests. Forming the concept of identifying common interests of users to create a group and at the same time preserving the personalization of the analysis is currently a top priority for developers.

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