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Slow reaction: Trump's twitter is hacked again


Hacker Victor Gevers, known for his principles and high ethics, reported to the US Security Service about the successful penetration of Donald Trump's Twitter account. It only took him 5 attempts to log in. The success was facilitated by the obviousness of the password, consisting of the first letters of the words of Trump's campaign slogan. Viktor immediately wrote to the US National Cyber Security. In the appeal, he pointed out the errors in the password and the possible consequences. It took the responsible persons a day to respond to the statement.

We remind you that this is not the first precedent for hacking Twitter. Since 2016, Gevers has gained access to Trump's account due to password weaknesses and insufficient cybersecurity protections. In that year, the password was the current US President's favorite phrase: "You're fired."

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Viktor Gravesen works at the research firm GDI Foundation. He researches cyber security issues. The intrusions mentioned were not an attempt to harm Donald Trump. It was a test of weak points in the protection system. Victor emphasized that such holes in the "armor" can lead to serious consequences not only for individuals, but also for the country as a whole.

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