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What clients are saying about SEO in 2020


The event "SEO through the eyes of customers" in 2020 was held in the difficult conditions of quarantine. However, more than 50 agencies took part in the survey, their quality was evaluated by almost 600 clients. The "dry conclusion" from the study was placed in five main questions:

  • Pros and cons of the contractor you work with?
  • How many agencies do you work with at the same time?
  • Would you recommend those you work with to partners?
  • What is the allowable amount for SEO promotion?
  • What do you promote the most?

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Let's go through the urgent points:

  • Is the client willing to pay for professional content promotion? The study showed a stable amount of costs allocated to SEO promotion from the budget of companies. About 20% of respondents trust agencies with full management of their platform.
  • What is worth investing in? First of all, site owners care about search engines and ratings. Analytics and statistics follow. And only then contextual advertising.

20% more respondents participated in the current study. This shows that he is trusted.

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