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Google Ads tracks errors


In order to improve advertising techniques, Google began work on improving the system. If errors occur: the wrong link, an error in the address ... - the service will signal a problem. Data verification begins right at the start: an error is a signal. After the gap is fixed, the content owner continues his work from the moment of interruption. What's more: the new verification system automatically creates a draft that is saved on the campaign page or in the review area.

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An additional "cupcake" will be the ability to check all rejected ads on the page. The report allows you to analyze the cause of deviations. The correctness of the settings is half the success, these improvements will help to understand how correctly the settings are made for this site.

Currently, the useful update applies only to search engines, but... in the near future, all others will receive promotion and support. The Google Ads Help Center will provide you with answers to all questions on this topic.

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