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Types of social signals


Social media content is a key aspect necessary for effective community promotion. It is with its help that interested users are attracted, who become real customers.

But in order to achieve such a result, you need to create interesting and useful material (preferably, having created a detailed content plan in advance). And for this, you need to know the types of content - to understand which ones are better to use when promoting the community.

Types of content in social networks

Any post is a small brick. To build a reliable foundation, you need to lay brick posts correctly. This is a guarantee of success, that is, attracting new subscribers and potential buyers.

What are the types of content? There are 5 of them in total, and each of them has its own key features.

Informational content

It is also called news or informational. It helps to gain trust - this is the main task of this type of content. Therefore, informational posts should be at least 50% of the total number of publications in the community.

They can talk about:

  • company history, achieved results;
  • qualification of employees (passing cool trainings, obtaining certificates);
  • product characteristics;
  • advantages of ordering goods/services;
  • useful chips
  • the process of using the goods you sell;
  • master classes
  • news in your industry.

You can also publish expert and rating reviews, opinions of famous personalities (bloggers), forecasts, trends, etc.

types of content

Selling content

This type of content encourages people to buy, turns interested users into real customers. With its help, information is conveyed that your goods/services are exactly what they need.

The recommended number of such posts is 30% of the total number. At the same time, they must:

  • attract attention with an original title;
  • to demonstrate products/services from a good side;
  • promise the user help in solving his problem;
  • explain how to use the goods correctly;
  • offer benefits that others do not have (promotions, discounts);
  • describe in detail the process of ordering and payment methods;
  • contain reviews that confirm the demand for goods;
  • contain a call to action – preferably with a time limit, so that users make a quick decision.

educational content

Educational content

It increases the trust percentage of followers. This type of content includes:

  • review articles;
  • posts that reveal knowledge, confirm competence in a specific field;
  • online consultations (for help in solving any customer problems);
  • involvement of well-known experts who will share their opinion with subscribers.

Communication content

This type of content also increases the level of trust of users due to various techniques:

  • conducting surveys that stimulate subscribers to participate in dialogue;
  • request to leave feedback (negative comments are also useful, because based on them you can improve the service and better serve customers);
  • a request to share an opinion (people love when they are asked for advice: it is enough to specify a topic and start a conversation to increase activity in the community, make it more "alive").

But there are 2 nuances here. The first - communication content works only in promoted communities. If there are not enough subscribers, then there will be no communication. And new users, seeing the complete absence of comments, will not want to subscribe.

And the second - communication can always turn into a scandal or a pointless argument. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly monitor this and be able to "extinguish" the brewing conflict in a timely manner.

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entertainment content

Entertainment content

This type of content is the most interesting for users. After all, this is what they go to social networks for. But it does not directly help to solve your business tasks. Therefore, entertainment posts can be allocated 30% of their total number - this will be enough.

Depending on the topic, in such publications you can use:

  • beautiful images;
  • interesting stories;
  • images with cute animals;
  • jokes;
  • psychological tests;
  • facts from the "Interesting" category;
  • music;
  • videos;
  • fragments from famous films.

In other words, everything that can lift the mood of users, make them smile is allowed here. And, of course, to retain attention, motivate to scroll further and read other posts.

When the user is in a good mood, he perceives information better. And perhaps the goods/services you offer will not go unnoticed. This is how entertainment content works.

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But it must be original. People often subscribe to different communities, and if they see in you what they have read before on other pages, their interest will immediately disappear. And it will not be possible to achieve the desired result.

types of Instagram posts

Types of Instagram posts

Each social network has its own rules. And using the same types of content on different platforms would be the wrong decision.

For example, in Instagram, the main emphasis is on images. It is with their help that the necessary information is conveyed. And the text here is minimal, since the local audience does not like to read a lot.

Therefore, when posting on Instargam, follow these recommendations:

  • focus on visual content (more images, less text);
  • publish at least 1 post per day to maintain the interest of the target audience;
  • post news as quickly as possible;
  • on weekdays and during working hours, focus on informative and selling content, on weekends and in the evening - on entertainment;
  • do not write texts longer than 2200 characters (make them shorter and brighter - huge sheets tire users);
  • dilute texts with tags and emojis;
  • inform about important news, promotions, discounts through Stories (this type of content is shown only for 24 hours);
  • create surveys to increase engagement.

types of Facebook posts

Types of Facebook posts

Facebook has a more mature audience. She responsibly approaches the purchase of goods, weighs the pros and cons. Therefore, only beautiful pictures cannot be dispensed with here.

The variety of content types here is similar, but the focus is slightly different. Yes, when publishing posts on Facebook, you can follow these recommendations:

  • write texts of the right length - here, lovers of reading have gathered, who can master even large sheets (but the content must be useful or interesting);
  • add 100-150 characters of text to each picture (some photos are ineffective here);
  • run more promotions;
  • offer free consultations;
  • provide more information about discounts;
  • offer the opportunity to test the product;
  • pin a post containing important information about the company, products, current promotions (relevant only for business pages).


Now you know what types of content are used in social networks, and you can easily navigate them. As you can see, their number is always the same. But since each social network has its own rules, their percentage also changes slightly. So, in Instagram the main emphasis is on images, and in Facebook - on informative and selling posts.

By the way, if the company has its own website, do not forget about such a useful feature as high-quality website hosting and a social media button. By placing it on a web resource, you will be able to attract new users who did not know that you have a community on Facebook or Instagram.

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