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Key mistakes of promotion in social networks


Optimizers and site owners know how much influence social networks have on a site's ranking. And they even try to improve various types of social signals . True, they do not always do it correctly, which leads to a deplorable result.

Therefore, in this article, we will consider the main mistakes of promotion in social networks. Avoiding them will save you from wasting time, effort, and money.

1. Lack of action strategy

Perhaps the main mistake of promoting a site in social networks is the lack of a strategy. After the community is created, its filling is done randomly. And this is a gross mistake, because for successful promotion in social networks you need:

  • define specific goals;
  • determine the target audience (and make sure that it is present in a specific social network - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram);
  • make a schedule of publications;
  • hire a manager to work with the group (filling, tracking activity, communicating with the community).

All other mistakes when promoting in social. networks come out of this. If you immediately make a competent strategy for further actions, their number will be reduced to a minimum.

2. Faceless and boring posts

No one likes boring and monotonous content. Of course, you need to publish information about the company, goods or services, etc. But users will not read only advertising posts - they do not go to social networks for this. They are primarily interested in entertainment content:

  • videos;
  • pictures with jokes and anecdotes;
  • contests;
  • voting.

It is necessary to dilute the content of the same type in the group with such posts. Of course, pictures and videos should be selected so that they at least partially fit the subject.

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3. Censorship of comments

In many groups, negative comments are deleted, leaving only positive ones. And this is one of the typical mistakes in social networks. If the group looks "white and fluffy" - users treat it with suspicion. They know perfectly well that this does not happen, and the absence of negativity clearly hints at strict censorship.

On the contrary: you need to leave such comments and try to solve the problem of users. So people will see that even though you make mistakes, you quickly correct them. And at the same time, you give compensation as an apology (free delivery, discount on the second purchase, etc.).

If you come across an uncultured person, you should also communicate with him politely, in an official manner. And only when she shows excessive intrusiveness - warn her about the possibility of adding her to the "black list". Group subscribers will see this and even take your side - because no one likes such personalities.

mistakes in promotion in social networks

4. Presence of spam

If there is no need to censor user comments, then tracking and quickly deleting spam is a top priority. Otherwise, the group will simply be flooded with spam advertising posts.

Ordinary users do not like to enter such communities, because it is difficult to find something useful in them. And here, too, it is clearly visible that the group is not engaged - which means that it will not be possible to contact the administration.

5. Rare activity

Promotion in social networks should be done regularly. That is, you need to make a publication schedule and strictly adhere to it. Users will remember when new posts appear and will try to log in at that time.

If you publish them periodically, depending on the mood, there will be no work. Users will subscribe, then see that nothing appears in the community, and unsubscribe. With this approach, it will not be possible to increase the number of subscribers, and to form a positive attitude towards the company in them, too.

6. Excessive activity

This is the other extreme of the previous problem. You don't need to publish dozens of posts a day - two or three are enough. After all, if only your updates will be displayed in the user's news feed, he will hide them. No one likes excessive intrusiveness.

promotion in social networks is a mistake

7. Savings on promotion

Promotion in social networks is not free. If you want to achieve a specific result, be prepared to spend. At least you need to pay:

  • community manager;
  • copywriter who writes unique posts;
  • a photographer who creates unique photos for products or posts.

There will also be costs for advertising the community in the social network and, possibly, for gifts to users involved in contests.

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8. Revaluation of opportunities

Trying to save on promotion, community owners decide to do all the tasks themselves. That is, they overestimate their capabilities.

Here you can immediately forget about efficiency. One person cannot know everything. But even if she can, she simply will not have time to do all the work physically. Plus, due to the heavy workload and constant haste, commonplace mistakes, which were mentioned above, are often made.

To avoid this, it is better to hire 2-3 people and divide the responsibilities between them. Or turn to specialists engaged in promotion in social networks and simply monitor their work.

9. Rejection of advertising

In order for people to subscribe to the group, they must learn about it. Advertising is definitely needed for this. And any. Order targeted advertising, exchange links with other communities, add a widget to the site - do anything to let users know that the company has a page on social networks.

10. Lack of target audience

You can avoid common mistakes when promoting in social networks, and still not get the desired results. The reason lies in the small number of interested users (target audience). Or in its complete absence.

It is necessary to understand that VKontakte has a young audience, while Facebook or Odnoklassniki has a more mature audience. And if you sell devices for measuring pressure, then creating a group in VKontakte does not make sense (there are too few pensioners there).

11. Lack of own chip, uniqueness

All communities have funny pictures, videos, jokes. But you need to somehow stand out, interest users.

For example, you can organize contests, reward active subscribers with pleasant gifts every week, distribute coupons and discounts to random users. In general, to interest them in every possible way, to motivate them to join the group and to be active.


Now you know the main mistakes that are most often made when promoting in social networks. Go through this list again and remember the main points. By avoiding such mistakes when promoting your site in social networks, you can count on good results. That is, to higher positions of the site in the search results (which is why this work is being performed).

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