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Ways to enhance social signals


Promotion of the site in social networks is an excellent way to improve the results of external optimization and achieve higher positions. True, the right exhaust is not always there. Sometimes it happens that the number of followers does not increase, and the traffic from social networks does not grow, although the group is conducted according to all the rules.

There is only one reason - not all possible methods have been used. There are various ways in which you can strengthen social signals, and we will consider them in this article.

How to improve social signals: 7 effective ways

Social signals to a promoted site clearly tell search engines that it is interesting to users. Otherwise, they would not like, repost, or write comments. Accordingly, to improve social signals, users need to be encouraged to be active. And, of course, to provide them with the necessary tools for this.

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Yes, it is possible to strengthen social signals with the help of the following actions:

  1. Work with the community . Just create a group - little.o. You need to constantly work with her: publish interesting content, talk about the company's news, discuss the latest events. It is even allowed to use advertising posts or order paid advertising in social networks. This will help increase the number of followers and, accordingly, improve social signals. Contests with prizes will not be superfluous - and it is desirable that the winners share photos of the received gift on their pages (this can be prescribed in the conditions for participants).
  2. Add widgets to the site . Users can subscribe to a group in 1 click using a push button. And then track your posts in the news feed.
  3. Add like buttons . They should be placed on all pages of the site where useful information is published. And it is desirable to encourage users to like, as many forget about it.
  4. Add repost buttons . Everything is the same here. However, a repost gives more exhaust, because it is noticed not only by search engines, but also by all the friends of the person who pressed this button. If they are interested, they will see the site's domain name and in 1 click will be able to go to it to familiarize themselves with the goods or services.
  5. Use hashtags . Come up with interesting hashtags that you will put under posts, photos, videos. When they become famous, they will begin to "bring" new subscribers to the community.
  6. Exchange links . Exchanging links with like-minded communities is a great way to advertise your group for free. This is provided that the number of followers is the same. If the community is more popular, then you will have to pay for placing the link. But this option is also considered a good way to attract new subscribers.
  7. Create quality content . Users share interesting and useful content themselves. They don't even need to be asked to like or repost. Therefore, work on creating quality content - and social signals will improve without your intervention.
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Thus, to improve social signals, you need to work on the community, trying to create interesting and useful content. This is the basis of everything. In addition, you can use hashtags, exchange links, order advertising - because this also helps to achieve the desired result.

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