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Web analytics: purpose and features


If you do not use web analytics, then the site is promoted blindly. Analytics helps to learn everything about the site that is being promoted and its users. Let's consider in order. The number of unique visitors per day. If the obtained value is divided by the number of pages on the site, you can derive the average value: how many visitors are on each page. It is bad when 100 pages have 3 visitors per day. It is good when 3 pages get 100 visitors per day.

The number of non-unique visitors will help to understand how interesting the site is to those who have visited it once. With the help of analytics, you can learn about visits to pages that collect the most visitors from search engines, and dead ones that have no one at all. In analytics, you can see the external pages that bring visitors to the site. This means that the advertising paid off, and we can continue to cooperate.

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See the geography of visitors, the time of the event. If the site collects more evening audience than morning audience, then new articles should be published 1-2 hours before the evening stream. Analysts record sessions. You can see the average time spent on the site. The information obtained gives a clear understanding of what articles to write in the future, how the SEO strategy works.

Objectives of web analytics

Indirect goal of web analytics: to help the site move to the top. The main goal: to collect information, and based on the analysis to build a strategy for promotion to the TOP. The analysis also helps to identify dead pages on which there is no visitor. Maybe it has a filter and something needs to be done about it. Analysis of successful pages will give a picture: what makes them so attractive to visitors and search engines. The received information can be used when creating new pages. Just repeat the strategy: from selecting keywords and writing text, to buying advertising or building link mass.

Analytics will help redistribute the advertising budget. If you get rid of leech sites that waste money and have a negative effect, and transfer money to buy additional links on sites that provide an influx of targeted visitors, then you can make the project commercially successful.

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How to get web analytics

You need to register in the panels for webmasters in Yandex and Google. Take the codes from them, insert them into the code of the main page of the analyzed site. After a day, data will begin to be displayed in the panel. It is difficult to analyze it, you need to collect information for at least a week. Deep analysis can be done with monthly data.

Types of WEB analytics

Web analytics is complex and end-to-end. Complex analytics is based on counters. These are dry numbers: how many arrived, how many remained on the site. End-to-end analytics allows you to track and analyze the user's movement: from which advertising source he came, which page he landed on, which sections of the site he walked through, how many minutes he spent on each page, after how long and from which page he left.

Who needs web analytics: optimizers, site owners, web marketers for the successful construction of a further marketing strategy, and generally everyone who is involved in the management of an ongoing project.

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