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Recently, the Yandex.Market service launched a price analysis function on the market. Now an additional tab has appeared in the personal account on the "Catalog" page, where overpriced products are collected. The program analyzes the product that was dependent and is not sold due to uncompetitive prices.

The seller receives a report on goods for which competitors have a significantly lower price tag. Information about the same product in another store can be found in the "Recommended price" section. Thanks to the innovation, the store owner can influence the increase in consumer demand by revising the pricing policy.

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The report involves the application of several filters:

  • at the weighted average price: your indicators are 30% higher than the median price of the Yandex.Market platform;
  • competitive price below: this section will show the lowest current price in the online market;
  • not the optimal price: here are recommended prices, based on market requests for products from the current catalog.

You can make adjustments directly in the report. The system offers the best price in each case. The seller can set the minimum price in the market, recommended or 1% below the minimum. Was the publication informative? Then share it on social networks. We remind you that you can buy hosting or a vps server from the hosting company CityHost. For technical questions, contact the online chat or call ? 0 800 219 220.

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