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How to add images to Google contextual ads


Google contextual advertising is a powerful tool for attracting targeted visitors to the company's website. Using it, you can display text ads in search results for certain key queries or display graphic ads (banners) on third-party Google partner sites.

Until recently, text ads could contain:

  1. Headlines.
  2. Descriptions.
  3. URL pages.

A standard text ad looks like this:

Add the picture to the context

In addition to this announcement, you can add so-called extensions, they can contain:

  • additional links;
  • advantages;
  • prices;
  • shares;
  • addresses;
  • phone numbers;
  • links to applications.

Adding each of the extensions makes your ad more visible, which means it has a better chance of getting clicked by the user.

An ad with extensions looks like this:

Picture in contextual advertising It is important to understand that extensions may not always be displayed. Sometimes the system can show all extensions, sometimes only some. Display depends on your bid, position in search results and other factors.

Recently, Google has added another extension - pictures. What allowed you to add a picture or photo to text ads. This functionality is already available in Ukraine and can be found in the "extensions" section. In this article, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to add a picture or photo to a Google contextual advertising ad and what the search engine's requirements for pictures are.

Adding a picture to a Google text ad - instructions

To add a picture to a contextual Google ad, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  1. We go to the office of contextual advertising .
  2. Go to the "announcement" section.
  3. Click on the "extensions" section, which will open under the "advertisements" section.
  4. Click on the plus icon.
  5. Select "image extension".

Extension of the ad picture

Next, you should select the campaign to the ads of which we want to add a picture. After choosing a campaign, we will have the opportunity to either select a specific group of ads, or add a picture to all the ads that are in the campaign:

After that, click on the plus sign next to the inscription "images" and you will get a picture download window. Next, you should understand what images can be added to Google ads.

What images can be added to Google Adwords ads

It is clear that Google has certain requirements for images that can be added to ads in context. In addition, there are requirements for contextual advertising accounts themselves. Accounts and pictures must meet the company's quality standards. Let's take a closer look at what account restrictions there are and what pictures can be added.

Requirements for Adwords accounts

As indicated in the rules, extensions with pictures can be used only by those accounts that have sufficient history and meet the following criteria:

  • the account has been active for more than 90 days;
  • the account has a positive history of compliance with the rules;
  • the account does not belong to the "sensitive" industries - alcohol, gambling, adult topics.

Requirements for the size and aspect ratio of pictures

There are two formats and sizes of images that can be displayed in ads:

  1. Horizontal picture - 1.91 x 1 (minimum size 600 x 314).
  2. Square picture - 1 x 1 (minimum size 300 x 300).
  3. The maximum file size is 5120kb.

Here are the minimum dimensions in pixels. The recommended sizes are: 1200 x 1200 for a square image and 1200 x 628 for a horizontal one.

A square picture is mandatory, in addition to it, you can add a horizontal picture if you wish. It can be one picture - a horizontal one from which you can "cut" a square one.

Recommendation: important content in the image should be placed in the central 80% of the image - place the main element in the middle of the image.

What can be depicted in the picture - requirements

In addition to the requirements for dimensions and aspect ratio, there are also requirements for direct images, for what exactly is depicted in the picture or photo.

Text overlay

The image cannot have text in its usual form, but it can be superimposed on the texture. You cannot simply write "buy a scooter" on a white (any other) background - such a picture will not pass moderation. At the same time, you can use a photo of your products with a logo or a text part.

Image size

It is necessary to choose a picture on which you can see exactly what is depicted. Simply put, the main element of the picture should be large.


The rules prohibit the use of a collage of several photos, while you can place several products, for example, on the floor and take one photo with them.


The picture for contextual advertising should be clear, not blurry.

Image distortion

If there is a person in the photo, then it must be placed in a natural pose (not upside down, for example), and overlay effects are also prohibited.

Cropping pictures

The "informative part" should not be cut off from the image. A person must understand and clearly recognize the object that is located in the photo.

Prohibited content

It is forbidden to use images with a naked body, of a sexual nature, including for the demonstration of artistic purposes. At the same time, it is allowed to display things, for example, swimwear or underwear on mannequins.

If all requirements are met, add the necessary picture and save the changes:

How to add a picture to a text ad in Google

Why add a picture to Adwords ads?

An extension with a picture, like other extensions, is primarily designed to make advertising more visible to the user. Now, when such functionality has just appeared, few people use it. This means that you can make your ad stand out from the crowd and be more likely to get clicked by a potential customer, which means you will have a better chance of selling a product or service. At the same time, it is important to understand that the cost of a click does not depend on whether there is a picture in the ad or not. In fact, the cost of advertising for you will not increase.

Who needs to add a picture to ads in Google Adwords and what pictures to use in ads

We would recommend this tool to all types of businesses. The only thing is that your account and the pictures themselves must comply with all the rules of the system. Which pictures to add and what should be depicted on them is a matter of your creativity. If we talk about online stores and announcements about specific products, it will be logical to add an image of the product itself. If you sell scooters - just add a photo of a specific model. If we are talking about companies that provide a service, then you need to be more resourceful. For example, we at have created a unique picture showing a laptop with a screenshot of our website.

Also, don't forget that you can and should experiment. Create one image, add the image to your Google ads, "rotate" for a few days, and then change the image. After that, compare the results - with which picture you got more clicks, you leave it.

As a result, after the successful moderation of pictures and their addition to the ad, we will receive the following output:

Picture in contextual advertising

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