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How to pay less for hosting?




Money saved is the same as money earned. We have prepared an overview of Cityhost's capabilities and are ready to share the secrets that will allow you to save on hosting up to 100% of the amount paid for the service per month.

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Get more hosting!

Pay hosting for a long period. When ordering from three months, the client receives a discount, which increases depending on the term of the package order. The website has already calculated how much you can save on services by purchasing hosting for different months.

For example, when registering hosting for 24 months with one payment, you will save almost twice as much money as paying for the service monthly.

Invite your friends to Cityhost and get 10% of their payments

Use our partner program, invite friends to register accounts and order services at Cityhost. You will receive 10% from each payment of a client who came through your referral link. These funds are accumulated in the account, they can be spent on extending your hosting and other services or withdrawn to the card.

Read more about the partner program .

Collect payments and get discounts

By ordering and continuing services, you automatically participate in the payment accumulation program. Upon reaching a certain level of funds paid from the account, the client has the opportunity to receive a discount on the registration of a new or continuation of an existing service.

When the sum of all payments exceeds UAH 800, the client receives a 2% discount. From 3,000 hryvnias — already 5%. And if the amount of money spent exceeds 12,000 hryvnias, the discount will be as much as 15%.

Read more about the possibilities here.

Use the test period - 10 days of free hosting

When buying any hosting, the client gets the opportunity to test it absolutely free for 10 days. You can pay for the service for 10-11 days and it turns out that you received 10 days of hosting as a gift.

Get a free month of hosting when you order a domain

Each customer can get a month of free hosting when purchasing a domain. To do this, open the Domains tab on the site and enter the domain you have chosen for your site in the "Check" line. If it is free, check the domain and press the "Register" button.

After that, the system will redirect to the registration window, where it is written about the possibility of receiving hosting. All that remains is to create an account on the website, pay for the domain and use the service.

Extend hosting for 1 day for free

If the payment period has ended, you can extend the validity of the tariff for 1 day. This option opens automatically in the service control panel when the paid period comes to an end. It helps in difficult times and allows you to save a little.

Leave a review and get a bonus

  1. 50 hryvnias per account balance for feedback on

Leave an objective review about Cityhost at and receive a bonus of 75 hryvnias on your account balance.

  1. 100 hryvnias per account balance for a Google review

Leave a review on Google and get UAH 100 for your account balance.

  1. 50 UAH to your account balance for a review on Facebook 

    Go to and leave a review.

How to claim your bonus for any of these promotions?

Send to :

  • Feedback screen (or name / nickname + feedback text)
  • id or registration email of your Cityhost account

Actions are summed up!

Not in all cases, but often. Let's calculate how much you can save.

For example, you buy hosting with an Apartment tariff. Its monthly cost is UAH 109.80, but you can pay less by choosing a longer payment period.

The longer the period, the bigger the discount:

  • 8% discount when paying for 3 months
  • 15% discount when paying for 6 months
  • 40% discount when paying for 12 months
  • 42% discount when paying for 24 months

We choose the most profitable option and get a price of UAH 1,528.42 for 24 months of service. And if you pay monthly, hosting would cost 2,635.2 hryvnias for the same period.

But that's not all. Feel free to add other discounts.

For example, you also have a 5% discount for funds spent in the account and a promo code for a 3% discount. We subtract another 8% from 1,528.42 and it comes out to 1,406.15 hryvnias.

Add to this another 10 days of the test period and we will get excellent hosting for UAH 1,406.15 for 740 days. Cool, right?

We create opportunities for savings for both regular and new customers. Be aware of all offers and use them with pleasure.

Did you read to the end? Bonus for you! 10% discount when ordering or renewing hosting and VDS. Use promo code: payless10 and get a bill with a discount.
Valid until December 31, 2021.

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