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Where is the WordPress database stored?


To begin with, let's give a simple definition of the WordPress database as such. The database stores absolutely all the information used on the site.

This is not only the content contained on the site, but also usernames/passwords, messages and comments, even the chosen theme of the site. The database is the heart of the site, it ensures its smooth operation. That's why it's important to know where the WordPress database is and what's in it.

Renting a server is no less important here, because the combination of a high-quality and reliable server with the correct operation of the database gives confidence in the uninterrupted operation of your website.

To use the database, the WordPress engine uses a software called MySQL, which is responsible for user preferences, various posts and messages. The WordPress engine uses PhP as a language.

How the database stores files and data

The database stores all site data in the form of tables. Each table, depending on the type of information, is displayed as a line with a unique name. The table also includes other parameters and pieces of data. Tables are created automatically, their names are formed by default with the WP prefix.

The main tables include:
  • comment meta - this section stores all meta-comments with unique information;
  • comments - data with comments;
  • links - information on links;
  • options - data used by the engine for settings and various parameters;
  • users - a list of all users (users) is indicated;
  • posts - articles or content written for a blog or pages;
  • meta posts - unique meta-information;
  • term meta - unique meta terms;
  • terms - message tags, categories and links for messages are stored;
  • term relationships - a table responsible for the connection of messages with categories included in the terms table;
  • term taxonomy - the taxonomy for all data or records from the terms table is stored here;
  • user meta - unique user metadata.

The number of folders and their contents may vary. But at the same time, it is worth considering that the type of folder can also change.

Where is the WordPress database stored?

The website's database is hosted on the host, which then hosts the database on the MySQL server. To put it simply, a host is a house that has its own address (in our case, it is the name of the hosting), where there are many rooms (this is a database). You will need a login and password to use all data. To manage the database, you can use localhost, which will help connect the engine to the database. But you can also use MySQL if the web hosting has a different host name.

MySQL engine

MySQL can use different engines to retrieve or store data contained in database tables. MySQL supports many engines. The most common are InnoDB and MyISAM. In most cases, it is the second engine that is installed, it is most often used on inexpensive hosts. However, if desired, it can be replaced with InnoDB or another one of your choice.

In this article, we briefly covered what a database is and where the database is stored on WordPress . We hope our article was useful to you.

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