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How anchors affect the site's search engine optimization


There are many myths about the influence of anchors on site promotion. What is true and what is not, we will consider below. And for now, a little theory course.

What are anchor links? This is a bookmark link, when you click on it, the browser turns the page to the pre-specified paragraph. Or, as they are also called, hashes.

They got this name because of the presence of the "#" symbol in the URL. Based on this hash, the browser understands that this link is the anchor of a specific element of the page, which must be shown to the user.

Anchor links are used for convenient navigation in sections overloaded with content. They have nothing to do with relinking the site . Usually, the content of the page is compiled with the help of hash links, so that users can go to the subheading of interest to them in 1 click.

Anchors are written in the html code of the page as part of any elements. For example, in subheading tags:

anchor link

They do not differ at all from an ordinary link. Unless the symbol # and the name of the hash are added at the end:

что такое anchor links

How do search engines treat anchor links (hash links)?

Only browsers "understand" hashes. And search engines simply do not take into account the part of the link that follows the "#" symbol. And if you use anchors to create content, Google and Yandex will "see" a couple of identical links that go in a row (albeit with different anchors) and refer to the same page.

In theory, they should see this as looping links and penalize the site. But search engines are not that stupid. When they see a pair of links with the "#" symbol, they only consider the first one. And the rest are simply ignored.

If search engines considered all hashes as different links, one page would be indexed under different addresses. And this is duplication of content. To save time and own resources, Google and Yandex simply ignore hash links. And sites are not punished for duplicates, which actually do not exist.

Of course, search engines are aware that anchor links make navigation easier for visitors. Behavioral factors will improve on the site - and this will have a good effect on the promotion of the project as a whole.

Is it necessary to use a hash link?

Recently, anchors are often found on landings. Although the structure of a site of this type is extremely simple. How is it implemented? There is a menu in the cap, but each item does not lead to a separate page, but will scroll the landing page to a certain place. It is convenient, therefore it has the right to life.

It is not necessary for ordinary sites to use anchor links. The only exceptions are pages with a lot of content. For example, in a blog, where the articles are a huge "information sheet". In this case, anchors will be very appropriate.


Now you know what hashes are and why they are needed. Most often, they are used for the convenience of users. Anchors have practically no effect on SEO. Unless indirectly - through the improvement of behavioral factors.

Therefore, it is not worth abusing hash links to improve promotion results. It is better to pay attention to more important things: set up internal linking, work on the external link mass, buy reliable virtual hosting . Well, there are more than enough options where you can spend resources.

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