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Our Users' Stories: How Alexander Grechanyi and His Family Create SEO Fairy Tales and Invent Plots Using Brainstorming




The focus of our article today will be the website "World of Fairy Tales" and the story of how a family hobby can not only unite and create new family traditions but also bring in additional income.

The author and webmaster of the site, Alexander Grechanyi, together with his wife, manage several websites on different topics, and the most successful among them – "World of Fairy Tales", which we will pay more attention to.

How it all began: the child also wanted his own website

The idea of creating their own website came to the Grechanyi family during the quarantine. They began to think about the possibility of earning additional income online and started exploring how to do it. They decided to try creating several websites on different topics simultaneously. This is how and (the latter is currently being reworked) were born.

– My wife worked on one website, and I worked on another, – Alexander explains. – We started creating a fairy tale website by chance. Our daughter Daria, who was six at the time, said she also wanted to have her own website with fairy tales and started persuading us to help her make this site. At first, we refused, but after some time, we 'gave in'. We started creating and publishing fairy tales. We wrote them to be interesting, fun, and morally educational – just like for our daughter. And this project turned out to be the most successful of all our attempts.

From the very beginning, Tatiana, Alexander's wife, predominantly wrote the fairy tales, and a few were even created by Alexander and their daughter. Later, they ordered several fairy tales on a freelance platform, but these were adapted to fit the overall style of the website.

– Now we work on fairy tales together. We use the 'brainstorming' method: we gather together in a relaxed atmosphere and discuss all our ideas, even those that may seem absurd. We laugh, and as a result, the plot, characters, and ideas for the fairy tale gradually take shape. It has become an interesting family hobby for us.

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Creating websites is a challenge, but not very difficult

After determining the topics of the websites, they had to tackle the technical side of things – find hosting and a domain, install WordPress, and understand its functionality.

– We found a domain and hosting through Cityhost using a search – we were attracted by the price of the services and the technical characteristics of the hosting, – Alexander shares. – Learning to create a website was a challenge, but not too difficult. Of course, it required time and effort to master various aspects: hosting, domains, SSL certificates, WordPress, content, and its publication. Although we had not done this before, the experience gained, I am sure, will be useful in the future.

The main method of monetizing our website is through placing ads via Google AdSense. The profit from the site is not significant, but it meets our plans for additional income.

Another way to monetize, which can be seen on the site, is "tips" from readers. Anyone can support the site by sending any amount to a PrivatBank or PayPal account.

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The main source of traffic for the "World of Fairy Tales" website is organic search.

– Before creating a website or writing a fairy tale, we conduct keyword research, analyze search volumes, and competitors. We also use the Yoast SEO plugin and adhere to its recommendations. We constantly monitor changes in Google algorithms. In addition, we promote our sites through social networks.

The project has pages on Facebook and Instagram, where news about the release of a new fairy tale is published with a link to the site. It is worth noting the competent interlinking – the name of the Instagram account matches the domain of the website.

When asked if there is a desire to publish all these fairy tales as a book, Alexander responds:

– We considered the possibility of publishing a book with our fairy tales, surveying our readers on the website. Many of them expressed a desire to have a book. We sent fairy tales to publishing houses, but so far, the publishing houses are silent.

Perhaps among those reading these lines, there is a publisher who will express a desire to publish these fairy tales, or a patron who will invest in their publication. We would be happy to know that our article has become a catalyst for the emergence of new creative collaboration. So, write to the email address listed on the 'World of Fairy Tales' website if you are interested in this idea.

Currently, the Grechanyi family has four websites that they plan to continue developing. Over time, the domain weight may increase, leading to traffic growth – therefore, these are long-term investments of time and effort.

– We may create some more websites in the future, – Alexander says. – There are many topics for websites, and it is difficult to predict which ones we will choose. But we can definitely say that these sites will be interesting and useful for our readers.

In conclusion, let's ask our blog guest what advice he can give to beginners who would like to create their own websites but are afraid or don't know where to start:

– I would advise those who dream of their first website to start by choosing a topic, perhaps even several. It is important that the theme of the site is interesting to you and at the same time attracts other users. To do this, you should conduct keyword research on your topic. Also, find out what steps need to be taken to create a website. The main thing to remember is that creating a successful website is a marathon that requires time, effort, perseverance, and patience. It can take a minimum of 6 months, or even years.

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Analyzing the "World of Fairy Tales" website

Of course, we were interested in looking at the site from an SEO perspective, and we are sharing our observations with you.

When you visit the site, you will see that it is organized quite simply but has a clear structure. All texts are assigned to specific categories – fairy tales or stories for children, about friendship, about dogs, about seasons, educational. Also, all fairy tales are organized in an alphabetical catalog.

An advantage is that the site allows commenting on posts – this creates additional user activity and keeps them on the site, thereby improving behavioral indicators. About the importance of comments and how to involve commentators in the blog – read in this article.

The "World of Fairy Tales" site can inspire those who are afraid to start their journey as a webmaster due to a lack of money or professionalism. Here you can see that the site uses a free domain (you need to pay a small fee for maintenance, but it is no more than 100 UAH per year). In addition, the site has a very simple design and uses free images from stock, which are also very simple and concise. However, they all have one style and add recognizability to the project.

Even such a simple site has traffic of over 3000 visitors per month and more than 800 keywords in the search results – so it is already monetizing well. Having several such sites, you can earn additional income and, over time, gain experience and improve the sites themselves – which will again bring in more traffic.

Website statistics World of Fairy Tales in Ahrefs

The site's domain is three years old, so it already has enough trust from search engines. But in a few years, it will have even more weight and competitiveness in the niche. Therefore, to develop your sites, you need to have a lot of patience and not expect them to start "feeding" their owners in the first few months.

And although this process is long, its big plus is that you can maintain small websites of a similar nature while having a main job, and not invest huge amounts in them. And over time, they can turn into a good financial support for their owner.

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