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blog 188 Google advises to avoid Nofollow links when moving around the site
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During a new podcast discussion, the Google team gave clear advice to webmasters not to use lab links for migrating sites.

blog 184 Recommendations from TikTok on how to stay on trend
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TikTok - short, diversely popular videos on all kinds of topics.

blog 180 John Mueller about the BERT algorithm
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Marie Haynes, a seasoned SEO expert, asked Google's John Mueller some questions

blog 178 HR changes at Google
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Recently, global changes took place at Google: the information search, advertising, and engineering departments received "fresh blood".

blog 189 How Google uses negative and positive feedback about a site in ranking
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How important are positive or negative likes and comments from users on the page?

blog 181 Fluctuations of the site in search results take about a year
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In another video chat, the Company's employee John Muller explained: the first year any new resource suffers from constant changes in ranking.

blog 179 Low site traffic does not indicate a problem with optimization
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Company employee John Muller commented on the issue of traffic and page blocking during his latest video call with webmasters.

blog 176 Pavlo Durov stated that the secrecy of the correspondence does not exclude the fight against terrorism
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According to Pavel Durov, the right to secrecy of correspondence does not exclude the fight against terrorism.

blog 185 Facebook said it would sue
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The most popular social network announced filing a lawsuit against the companies.

blog 182 Google explained the situation with poor indexing
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Another video chat of the Company's employee John Muller with webmasters was devoted to the constant complaints of site owners about difficulties.

blog 177 The antimonopoly committee took over the Google search system
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Currently, too many people use Google's search service, which has greatly worried the committee of antitrust regulation.

blog 174 Guidance on music listeners appeared in Vkontakte
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Good news for users of the Vkontakte social network - targeting of music listeners has appeared.