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blog 273 What clients are saying about SEO in 2020
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Event "SEO through the eyes of customers" in 2020 was held in difficult quarantine conditions.

blog 271 Quick answers from Google are supplemented with highlighted descriptions
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It was recently noted that Google added short description popups to quick answers.

blog 265 Google and Yandex will be fined
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The Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation accused the two largest corporations of violating the law on advertising.

blog 262 Translate content correctly - Google's advice
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Recently, SEO managers often make mistakes when translating text from the original language to their own.

blog 274 The Google search engine released the movie
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Often, a user who googles a topic remains dissatisfied with the result. But this does not mean that this material is not available online.

blog 269 Tips from Google: preparing the landing page for sales
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Retailers are ready for Cyber Monday and Black Friday thanks to Google's support.

blog 263 The advertisement you are interested in will be on the start page of Chrome
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Google has started testing a new option in the browser. Based on the search preferences of users on the start page...

blog 261 Google on the right to content
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The right to property is a serious aspect of business relations. There is an opinion that the content indexed by the search engine for the first time on one of the sites..

blog 270 Google Ads tracks errors
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In order to improve advertising techniques, Google began work on improving the system.

blog 267 The new zen for widgets
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Zen.Yandex has made several adjustments to its algorithm that make it easier for bloggers who use widgets.

blog 264 Fraudsters began hunting for branded traffic of companies
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Autumn is the season of sales. Many well-known brands offer promotions and significant discounts on their products.

blog 260 Chrome "accidentally" saves information from Google applications
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One interesting feature of the popular Internet browser Google Chrome attracted the attention of Internet users.