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blog 175 Accepted changes in Instagram rules of use
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Instagram announced an innovation. Now site owners are required to ask permission from Instagram users.

blog 172 The Google Translate widget is now free
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The Google Translate widget is now available again for some websites.

blog 168 IGTV3 video advertising has been launched on Instagram
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Instagram announced that it will start broadcasting commercials on IGTV next week

blog 167 A new FB and Instagram store creation service has been launched
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The Facebook social network has launched a new free Shops service.

blog 173 John Mueller spoke about creating a sitemap
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Recently, a question was posted on Reddit about creating a sitemap for a large resource.

blog 169 You can now schedule your posts on Twitter
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Twitter launches a new feature - delayed posting of posts.

blog 165 Giphy was bought by the Facebook social network
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One of the largest social networks in the world, Facebook, buys the Giphy search engine.

blog 162 Optimizers and webmasters complain about poor indexing in Google
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During the last two weeks, foreign webmasters began to complain about indexing

blog 171 The Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation did not support the idea of unblocking Telegram
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The Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation refused to support the opposition

blog 170 The decree on the regulation of social networks was signed by Donald Trump
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In the US, control over social networks has been strengthened. On May 28, Donald Trump signed the corresponding decree.

blog 166 A new section for offers of help and requests has been launched on Facebook
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The social network Facebook has good news for residents of the CIS.

blog 163 In which cases Google imposes manual sanctions
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The SEMrush team did the research and shared the results.